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Zemmour, Villiers, Bellamy and Houellebecq, the wild animals at Cirque d'hiver

While Emmanuel Macron was measuring up at the Elysée, the "cathos-droitards" had a very bad time in Europe on Thursday, at a party organized by "Values ​​actuelles".

By Ariane Chemin Posted today at 14h00

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1,700 people, 25 euros instead: at 8 pm, Thursday 25 April, "Dialogues on Europe", evening organized by the weekly Current values and the Awakeners of Hope, an association created in the wake of the Watchers movement and the Manif for all " to wake up the sleepy right », Complete poster.

Nobody, however, had foreseen that Our Lady of Paris would burn ten days earlier, forcing Emmanuel Macron to postpone the same evening the announcement of measures supposed to close the crisis of "yellow vests" and steal the media star. It is thus a kind of festival "off" that opens Charlotte d'Ornellas (Current values), in long dress, and the "awakener" Pierre Nicolas, ephemeral director of cabinet Marion Maréchal between 2016 and 2017.

For some of "Cathos-droitards"as they call themselves, the former right-wing elected is an icon. But she is not a candidate for the European May 23, and it is François-Xavier Bellamy, the head of the list of Republicans, who opens the debate with Jacques Attali (Ségolène Royal had refused the invitation).

Attali, "like a rabbit in a hunter's lunch"

" I had never met Bellamy "Says this convinced European behind the scenes. On the track, the old European lion feels " a bit like a guest rabbit in a hunter's lunch But Bellamy is very courteous. " I do not believe in transnational lists. There is no European culture », softly drops the Republican list head. Attali, calmly: " But what the hell are you going to do at European Parliament if you do not believe in European democracy? "

" I'll give you a little wink, promised Philippe de Villiers to Bellamy in the wings. These two are very friends. The founder of Puy-du-Fou assures that he was the one who blew his name to Laurent Wauquiez to lead the list of the Republican right to European explaining: " You have the choice between a philosopher and a gardener. Only on stage, Philippe de Villiers points out, indeed, the rightness »From« François-Xavier – everyone calls him on the track – when he talks about this Europe who wants to keep its civilization ".


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