"Zero tolerance": Schiappa wants to expel foreigners convicted of sexual violence


It is a measure on immigration gone unnoticed, among the slew of those unveiled by the Prime Minister Wednesday, she intends to hammer well. And for good reason, it is she who proposed it.

On the Reunion channel Linfo.re first, then in an interview with Marianne this Thursday morning, the Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa welcomed that one of his proposals was retained by the executive: "We will now expel foreign citizens sentenced for sexist or sexual violence," he said to the magazine.

"This violence is not excusable in any case, including when they occur in populations in difficulty," said the minister, who admits that his proposal has sparked debates internally. She was however selected at the interdepartmental committee on immigration led by Édouard Philippe.

An expected text "as soon as possible"

What about double punishment for those foreigners sentenced and expelled? Marlene Schiappa sweeps the issue by recalling her political positions "to the left of the left of the government". One who says she has "no problem in assuming this position" insists: "I do not see who can honestly tell us that a foreign citizen who has raped a woman can stay in the country without this being a problem! "

It remains much more elliptical on its implementation. "The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice will decide how best to implement this measure," she says. "It can go from the circular to the law", with a planned entry into force, like the other measures on migration policy, "as soon as possible".

A measure hailed by the RN

His announcement unsurprisingly received the favor of the National Gathering.

"We must expel the guilty, but why stop at rapes? "Reacted on Twitter its president, Marine Le Pen. When his vice president Jean-Lin Lacapelle tells him to expel the entire foreign prison population …

The MP Frédéric Lefebvre, who left the Republicans to join LREM, also welcomes this measure by recalling that he has been defending for 10 years "the main penalty of expulsion of the territory for foreign criminals".

But the measure is far from unanimous. "Beyond the despicable racism of this measure and the implication that it feeds (the violence would be mostly the foreigners). There is a real problem in this sentence. There are no "foreign citizens" that does not exist in the legal sense, "instigated Elisa Rojas, a lawyer who describes herself as" militant activist ".


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