Zhong Yuan: The CCP’s dumping of the pot in Myanmar can hardly cover the outbreak of the outbreak in the mainland | Xi Jinping | Politburo

[Epoch Times April 4, 2021]On April 3, the Chinese Communist Party media Xinhua News Agency reported “New progress in tracing the origin of the Ruili epidemic in Yunnan: the virus that is highly suspected of causing the Ruili epidemic was imported from Myanmar through people or things.” Obviously, this article transferred the responsibility for the sudden outbreak of the Yunnan epidemic to Myanmar, trying to cover the CCP’s ineffective fight against the epidemic and long-term concealment of the epidemic. The article concluded that “it was not a secondary transmission caused by a recent local epidemic in various parts of the country. Virus mutation”.

The CCP has always labeled the vast majority of newly confirmed cases announced as imported cases from abroad to promote the CCP’s effective control of the epidemic. The outbreak of the Ruili epidemic in Yunnan has made the CCP’s lies self-defeating. Therefore, the CCP media has spared no effort to dump Myanmar. However, the Xinhua News Agency’s statement was overturned by the CCP’s National Health Commission’s report on the epidemic that day.

According to the notification from the Health Commission, 26 new cases were confirmed on April 2, 9 in Fujian, 4 in Shanghai, 3 in Guangdong, 1 in Beijing, 1 in Jiangsu, and 1 in Yunnan. These were all counted as imported cases. ; There are also 7 local cases, all in Yunnan.

The 26 confirmed cases notified by the Health Commission on this day have increased significantly compared with the numbers notified in previous days. 9 new confirmed cases were notified on April 1, 16 on March 31, and 11 on March 30.

In addition, 24 new cases of asymptomatic infection were notified on April 2, 20 new cases of asymptomatic infection were notified on April 1, 42 cases on March 31, and 8 cases on March 30.

Both the confirmed cases notified by the CCP or the cases of asymptomatic infections have risen significantly in recent days, indicating that it is no longer possible to cover up everywhere. For many days, the CCP has notified cases from all over the country. Shanghai, Guangdong and other places have been on the list almost every day. Other areas have been notified every other way, but there has never been Beijing. On April 2, Beijing suddenly notified one case. In the morning of the same day, Xi Jinping and the members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China had just made a collective appearance.

The Fujian epidemic also emerged on April 2, and 9 confirmed cases were notified in one go. From March 22 to 25, Xi Jinping also visited various places in Fujian. A few days after Xi Jinping left, Fujian reported 9 cases of Gu Nao. Was it that Xi Jinping was forbidden to report the epidemic in time? From April 1st to 3rd, Foreign Minister Wang Yi of the Communist Party of China met with the foreign ministers of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea in Fujian. Or did the epidemic arise because of this?

According to the daily epidemic report of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China, Xinhua News Agency evaded the report, turned a blind eye, completely ignored the facts of the epidemic situation in various places, and wanted to blame the epidemic in Yunnan on Myanmar. However, it is obvious that the epidemic situation in various places cannot be concealed. Is it possible to throw the epidemic situation in Fujian to the Southeast Asian countries? Is Guangdong’s epidemic to Hong Kong again? Are the epidemics in Shanghai, Beijing and other regions dumped on Europe and the United States?

Europe, the United States, and many countries have entered a new wave of epidemics. Mainland China is the place where the epidemic originated. Obviously, the straight curve of the epidemic that the CCP has been promoting can no longer be drawn. After the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China on March 30, no group study was organized, and there was no important speech by Xi Jinping, which was obviously abnormal. In the face of a new round of international isolation, serious disagreements within the Politburo are likely to lead to the inability to reach consensus. As the CCP’s top leaders are facing tremendous pressure and doubts, the arrival of a new round of the epidemic will undoubtedly worsen the situation. The lies of victory in the fight against the epidemic are seen to be shattered. Without thinking, throw the pot to Burma.

Ironically, on April 3, the party media “People’s Daily” reported “Wang Yi talks about “three supports” and “three avoidances” for the situation in Myanmar. Wang Yi said that “we must avoid improper involvement of the UN Security Council” and “avoid some external forces from adding fuel to the flames and adding fuel to the fire in Myanmar, and seeking personal gains by messing up Myanmar.”

The CCP has repeatedly declared that it does not recognize the international rules of the United States and the West, and only supports the rules under the framework of the United Nations. Before the words fell, Wang Yi tried to prevent the United Nations from intervening in the situation in Myanmar. Wang Yi did not allow others to interfere, but he also said that “China will maintain communication and coordination with all parties,” and “make every effort to promote the stability and cooling of the situation in Myanmar as soon as possible.” The CCP is tantamount to confessing the intentions of manipulating the Burmese military.

Xinhua News Agency did not communicate with the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China, so it directly dumped the epidemic on Myanmar. But just before the coup in Myanmar, Wang Yi visited Myanmar and met with the Myanmar military figure Min Aung Lai alone. Perhaps it should be noted that the people of Myanmar should not bring the epidemic to Myanmar because of the repeated intervention of the CCP. The Chinese people should pay more attention to the epidemic. Don’t be fooled by the CCP. You can only protect yourself by yourself.

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