Ziemkiewicz stood up for Kempa. Suddenly he got an unexpected retort – o2

A heated discussion that turned into a festival of rudeness began with Beata Kempa’s post. On her profile, the MEP boasted a photo of the headquarters of the General Directorate of State Forests, on which a white and red flag was hung. On the occasion, the MEP decided to stoke the “besieged fortress syndrome”.

Kempa’s entry had an effect on Sikorski like a rag for a bull. At first he answered in a gentle tone, but after another attack he could not stand it and definitely exceeded all the limits of good taste. – Bash on the greasy head – commented Sikorski in social media.

Kempa said “she will survive” but the personal attacks “hit her children hard”. The Euro MP cried out on Polsat TV. Now Rafał Ziemkiewicz, who obviously for him, strongly criticized Radosław Sikorski, has now referred to the whole matter.

In my opinion, the case of Radek Sikorski is best reflected in the words of the poet Jan Rybowicz about people whose suits look like disguisesZiemkiewicz made an ironic twist on Twitter.

Dirt drawn from the past

The journalist, recently banned from the UK, did not expect his statements from the past to be drawn. Now he stood up for the woman, but earlier he spoke about the other in unrefined words.

A disgusting hypocrite who herself gave private addresses on the network and called for attacks at home, e.g. prof. Pawłowicz – now the Germans are crying out for being afraid to live … From what stone this creature has crawled out? he wrote to Martha Lempart.


At the end of the discussion, Ziemkiewicz defended himself that Kempa presents a completely different level than Lempart. The journalist’s explanations, however, did not convince the blogger.

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