More cases of Zika virus were detected in Jaipur on Saturday, with the total number of people infected rising to 55, said a representative of the Ministry of Health Rajasthan.

The figure was issued by the department after a meeting chaired by additional chief secretary (Medicine and Health) Veenu Gupta.

The official said about the total number of patients, 38 are good after the treatment. Representatives of the Union Health Ministry said fresh mosquito samples were collected from various parts of Jaipur by a National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR) team.

The Rajput Hostel at Station Road was quarantined on Friday night after six students were classified as Zika-positive. Two policemen were stationed in front of the gate to prevent the students from going out.

The central bus station at Sindhi Camp, located just 300 meters from Rajput Hostel, puts the risk of the infection spreading out of the hostel high. "That's why we quarantined Rajput Hostel.

Thousands of people travel from Sindhi Camp to different parts of the state and outside the state and we do not want to risk spreading the Zika virus disease, "said an official who wanted to remain anonymous.

All students and staff at the hostel are being monitored, Dr. VK Mathur, Director of Public Health.

Thirty-eight, including pregnant women, have recovered and six are being held in an isolation ward at the Health and Family Welfare Training Center in Heera Bagh in Jaipur.

This virus, which spreads through the bite of an infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito brooding in clean water, can also prove dangerous to pregnant women in the first trimester, as it gives the unborn child the risk of a microcephaly, a birth disorder in the child Head is smaller than normal.

"Six students suffering from Zika virus disease were kept isolated at the Heera Bagh health and family support center in Jaipur.

"We are not infected, but we still can not leave the hostel, but what about people coming to the hostel, will not they be affected by the arrival at the hostel?" Said Sandeep Singh, 23, who does his LLB.

First published: October 13, 2018 23:17 IST



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