ZIPMEX bankrupt… Yvod investor / Sunan Srichantra

digital asset crisis or cryptocurrency which was caused by the collapse of the LUNA coin has not yet calmed and counted the bodies of countless speculators.

The digital asset business in Thailand is in turmoil again after ZIPMEX, a digital asset trading center. Announcement to suspend trading and withdrawal of ZIPUP coins

ZIPMEX (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or ZIPMEX is one of 7 digital asset trading center companies. or a cryptocurrency broker and is the second or third largest trading center after Bitkub Online Company Limited or BITKUB of Mr. Jirayut Sub Sri Sopha

In addition to providing various cryptocurrencies trading services, ZIPMEX is also launching a ZIPUP product investment program that looks like a deposit. By using the money to buy ZIPUP coins and get a return in coins for investing in ZIPUP.

The return on investment of ZIPUP is very good. So it gained popularity quickly. while trading liquidity is very high Investors can withdraw money at any time. The higher the coin price, the bigger the profit from ZIPUP.

It is expected that investors’ money deposited in ZIPUP should be around 5,000 million baht and everyone is at risk of bad debt problems.

ZIPMEX when receiving deposits It is necessary to manage money in order to generate returns for depositors. So invested in ZIPMEX Singapore and ZIPMEX Singapore invested in CELSIUS, a crypto lending platform.

But CELSIUS has been subjected to bankruptcy of LUNA. And resulting in chain damage to ZIPMEX that cannot recover investment from ZIPMEX Singapore.

Victims who invested money in ZIPUP, lamenting and complaining, stormed the Technology Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters. the They refused. Claims that it is not affected by the lack of liquidity of ZIPMEX and has to suspend the withdrawal of investments in ZIPUP.

BITCOIN AND OTHER CURRENT CURRENCY DOWN Causing crypto speculators to suffer death, including Thai speculators who disappeared from sight, stopped playing, stopped trading in large numbers Affecting 7 Crypto Brokers

The ZIPMEX Crisis Exacerbates The Crypto Exchange Market With Deteriorating Confidence must be reduced further And speculators with deposits to trade COIN may panic. withdraw money Even though the money in the COIN trading account is not related to the deposit in the ZIPUP.

crypto speculation considered risky like gambling But putting deposits with cryptocurrency brokers still has the opportunity to risk losing debt.

Cryptocurrency Business is in full downtrend But the only problem now is How to help investors who have deposited money with ZIPMEX get their money back?

The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be able to examine whether Is it legal to invest in deposits through ZIPUP products? And how will the law be enforced in order for ZIPMEX to repay depositors?

Will it be the luck of the investors in the stock market? I can’t answer because ZIPMEX is preparing to dress for the stock market.

and the stock market’s quantitative acceptance policy, believes that ZIPMEX will successfully dress up in the stock market. If there hadn’t been a scandal before

If ZIPMEX slips into the stock market and the issue of investors being unable to withdraw their deposits Not only ZIPUP buyers are damaged. Thousands of stock market investors would suffer too.

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