Zoltán Bereczki About Dóra Szinetár: We are starting to approach

The path of the much-loved acting couple parted ways ten years ago and has since drifted apart, but according to Bereczki, 46, their relationship is starting to get closer again.

Many were heartbroken by their divorce

Ten years ago, he surprised the whole country when Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki announced that their paths were separated. The acting couple was not only in the hearts of the music fans, but also of the wider audience: they fell in love around the turn of the millennium, they got married in 2005, and a little girl was born later, and the two celebrities had an intense working relationship for a long time. During their joint performances and theatrical productions, their cooperation was always in perfect harmony, but their private life – and this was confirmed by them in many interviews – was marked by a series of mountains and valleys. It has often been funny mentioned that the audience thinks of them as a “dream couple,” even though their love is much more turbulent than perceived by outsiders.

Their divorce struck many fans: for many years, some hoped the two artists would find each other again, but their desires were not met by fate. Szinetár Dóra Makranczi became the wife of actor Zalán, and Zoltán Bereczki found happiness on the side of his colleague Éva Bata, and since then both actors have had a common child.

However, this does not mean at all that the relationship between Szinetár and Bereczki has been severed forever. The 46-year-old singer-actor now talked about the relationship between the two of them.

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