Zoltán Bereczki apologized –

Ábel Anita a Life TV Wake up with us! In his live broadcast on Tuesday, he made strong statements to Gáspár Győző, who has been struggling with panic disorder for 14 years. “I watch TV yesterday and then I say you’re depressed? Well, put it together… You don’t look like that! (…) Work it out to be 50. ” Said Ábel Anita to the showman, then added that she had never looked so good before.

After the interview, many were outraged by the presenter-couple’s statements. Abel Anita realized she had made a mistake and apologized in a long post. Zoltán Bereczki a few minutes after Anita also posted, she also regretted what was said on the show.

“I made a mistake! I have downplayed a statement, even though the mood is good or it seems like it, we need to be able to hear certain sentences, words! Such a sentence, even sentences, was uttered on LifeTV Wake up with us from the mouth of Gáspár Győző. I’m sorry I didn’t react with the right sensitivity! Depression is a serious thing, insidious, it is often hidden behind a smile!
I owe an apology primarily to Győző and to everyone I have felt bad about! ” – writes on the community page of the actor-presenter.

Zoltán Bereczki (Photo: LifeTV)