Zoltán Bereczki went to bed with a mysterious illness

The popular artist told his followers the sad news on Instagram: he got sick, so he missed his latest theatrical performance. Fans of Zoltán Bereczki expressed concern about the health of their pet.

He was knocked off his feet by an unknown disease

The legendary Hungarian actor-singer Zoltán Bereczki has been knocked off his feet by an unknown disease. The EMeRTon Award-winning celebrity informed his fans and admirers on Instagram that he was unfortunately pushing the bed right now, so a theatrical performance marked by his name would be missed.

“Unfortunately, I’m sick. So today’s Things Worth Performing in the Play Color will be missed! I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience! According to the information provided by the theater, tickets are valid until March 18th.“- the 45 – year – old star, whose mysterious illness seems to be protracted, has informed the public of the unfortunate development.

Since then, Bereczki has received a lot of good wishes from lovers of Hungarian theater and light music. The celebrity’s more and more posts about his current state of health have generated significant interest. “Thank you so much for all the good wishes! Although I’m not over it yet – I think I’ll stay! “ the singer wrote in her latest post.

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