Zones for automated vehicles: new software makes it possible

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Created: 01/29/2023, 1:00 p.m

Von: Sebastian Oppenheimer


In the future, car manufacturers should be able to specify when automated driving functions can be activated – with the help of software from Here.

Do you need autonomous driving or not? According to a study, Germans are relatively skeptical about the subject. Irrespective of this, there is hardly a car manufacturer that is not researching a corresponding technology, even if the development turns out to be more difficult than originally assumed – high speeds in particular are a problem. And certain other situations are just too complex at the moment – a YouTuber recently showed how little confidence the FSD beta of Tesla’s “Autopilot” behaves on snow. Here Technologies has now announced an innovation that could help the series introduction of autonomous driving.

Driver assistance systems: New technology only allows “autonomous driving” in special areas

In principle, software enables manufacturers to decide when and under what conditions they allow automated driving functions. “Automated Driving Zones” is the name of the technology that works in conjunction with Here’s map technology. Each car manufacturer can specify its own parameters for the system. The technology is already being used in development by two global automobile manufacturers.

The Here technology is particularly interesting with regard to automated functions from the so-called Level 3, as Mercedes already offers. Because from this level of automation, the responsibility for using the technology is transferred from the driver to the manufacturer. To be on the safe side, car manufacturers could activate their automated functions on motorways or country roads, for example – but they could block the robotic functions in front of schools or retirement homes because the risk here might be too great.

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“Autonomous driving” only in special areas – new software includes real-time information

However, according to the company, the Here technology can do even more: Real-time traffic information and danger spots can also be integrated. If it is already clear that, for example, an accident scene is imminent, the driver can be asked to take over in order to deal with the “hazardous area” more or less manually. Just recently, Here presented a technology that should make it easier for drivers of electric cars to find free charging stations.

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