Zoom officially integrates third-party services into video conferencing

Zoom adds third-party apps to video calls

Zoom did nothing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but over time, other technology giants have begun to catch up. Then this video conferencing service has to continue to evolve and maintain its rare competitiveness. Zoom announced today that it will officially integrate third-party services into video conferencing. For users, users can directly open Asana, Dropbox Spaces and other collaboration tools in the Zoom interface to conduct meetings in a more concise and unified work area. . There are already more than 50 tools integrated, as long as you update to the latest version, you can see the new application panel in the “Discover” tab, and you can also find other new tools in the Zoom Marketplace in the future.

The second thing is that Zoom Events, which is suitable for holding online events, is also officially launched today. Users can use this tool to create an online event for audience participation instead of presenting it in the form of a conference. Zoom also predicts that it will add multi-day and multi-session activity options at the end of 2021 to better cater to the needs of different activities.