zoom on the content of letters written by Cédric Jubillar from his cell

The Delphine Jubillar affair has held the whole of France in suspense for many months now. Indeed, the disappearance of the 33-year-old mother dated back to the night of December 15 to 16, 2020. Around 4 am, Cédric Jubillar contacted the police to report the disappearance of his wife. And as the revelations in the press concerning the Delphine Jubillar affair, Cédric appeared as the ideal culprit. However, the justice keeps a lot of other information under seal.

Six months later and after long investigations, Cédric Jubillar, Delphine’s husband, was arrested and indicted for “Aggravated murder of a spouse”. But since the start of the investigation, the victim’s husband has been claiming his innocence. While for the authorities in charge of the Delphine Jubillar case, Cédric is guilty and they are therefore trying to get him to confess. Objection reminds you that in all court cases, even the Delphine Jubillar case, suspects and defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

While the mystery remains about the disappearance of the nurse, BFMTV was authorized to consult Cédric Jubillar’s mail. From his cell, he is allowed to write letters to relatives.

Is the Delphine Jubillar case still far from being able to be resolved?

Despite all the research carried out by investigators, it is impossible to have the final word on the Delphine Jubillar case. She is said to have left her home and the police dogs find that her trail stops at a ‘stop’ sign not far from her home. At home, a jacket and her cell phone are missing. As for her husband, he explains that she was there, on the sofa in the living room, when he went to bed. It is when he gets up in the night to calm his daughter’s tears that he notices that she is no longer there. He therefore called the police quickly, explaining that he had tried to reach them without success.

But the months go by and still no trace of the young woman. The Delphine Jubillar affair gained momentum in the press and intrigued public opinion. Thereby, Objection and other media learn that Cédric Jubillar, for example, had taken care to run a laundry before calling the police. A laundry that contained the duvet in which Delphine slept. We also all learned that Delphine and her husband were preparing for a divorce. That she had a lover and that her husband had access to the geolocation of his cell phone. Other details accumulate to designate Cédric as the culprit in the Delphine Jubillar case. Notably his impulsive and jealous temperament, as well as threats denounced by his own mother.

Letters that Cédric Jubillar writes from his cell

When Cédric Jubillar is officially indicted, the Toulouse public prosecutor gives new elements to the press. In particular that witnesses heard the cries of a woman around 11 p.m., supposedly those of Delphine Jubillar, the night of her disappearance. In addition, he claims to have sufficient corroborating evidence to keep Cédric Jubillar in detention and charge him with “Aggravated murder of a spouse”.

Despite all the elements that you expose here Objection, Cédric Jubillar refuses to confess the murder of his wife. And the content of the letters that reveals BFMTV prove it once again. “I do not understand that they contain to look on me, they do not understand that did nothing, that I am innocent” can we read. Or : “I have a walk in the morning where I take the opportunity to jog and in the afternoon I go to the gym. bodybuilding. (…) It allows me to keep in shape because in the cell we do not move. ”

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Finally, on August 25, the main suspect in the Delphine Jubillar case made a new request for release. A response is expected from around September 1. But there is a good chance that like the previous ones, it will be rejected. A case to follow, therefore, the outcome of which still does not seem to be approaching. Relatives of Delphine Jubillar nevertheless hope to have answers to their questions, to be able to understand what happened to the young woman in order to be able to mourn her disappearance.