Zsófi Szabó would be sent to hell by half of the world of stars, he burned himself thoroughly with his jerk behavior

In connection with the Glamor Woman of the Year gala held last week, several domestic celebrities expressed their displeasure with Zsófi Szabó’s behavior at the award ceremony. According to many, the daughter of Gyula Szabó behaved disrespectfully during the entire gala, and according to Lilu, the host of the show among the Sharks (and one of the most well-known domestic TV faces), while she gave a speech on stage and thanked her for the award, Zsófi was laughing loudly in the background and taking selfies. It belongs to the truth. that not only the host of RTL Reggeli behaved in this way, but also several people at the gala, but Csilla Tatár and Lilu only specifically named Zsófi Szabó in this matter.

“Zsófi Szabó is the shame of RTL?!” – Zsolt Osváth made a big firecracker for the presenter

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Lilu wrote on Instagram:

Excerpt from his post:

“Yes, it was confusing, because for us, it was an important moment in our lives and there is a lot of work behind it. Does it matter, or perhaps, was it surprising? No. After all, they came because there are few events where they can wear these clothes and show themselves, and quite a few people take pictures of them. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is when we and the audience confuse the influencer with someone who likes to post nice clothes and good food, and nothing more.”

But YouTuber Zsolt Osváth also spoke out in connection with the incident, who in a video claimed that Zsófi Szabó had once again proven that he could not behave. (Zsolt Osváth openly dislikes the presenter).

His video can be seen here:

“Zsófi Szabó was laughing and taking selfies the whole time, while Lilu was giving a speech with the award in hand, thanking her for the award, and trying to formulate meaningful thoughts. Our jaws drop – but why? Let’s be happy for him [Szabó Zsófi] he didn’t shit in the middle of the room and started throwing the others. I think this is also an achievement. It’s understandable that he wasn’t paying attention anyway, neither he nor many of his colleagues, because it’s just like when someone starts talking to me about cryptocurrency. This was a choice, mostly meaningful, Hungarian speech, but not a cellulite smear in the Breakfast, so it is not certain that they can interpret it. And if you can’t understand something, then what are you doing in your girlish confusion…?”

– Osváth expressed his opinion again.


In connection with the incident, Zsófi Szabó did not react to the criticisms leveled at her, she only shared pictures of her clothes on her social media pages, in which, according to the commentators, she most resembled a sexy dominatrix, but she was also someone who he wrote there next to his image that if he couldn’t behave, he would rather have stayed at home.

“She can’t behave, she would rather stay at home with her child, and the rest too”