Zsolt Bayer: There is simply no such thing

This bright West is educating us every minute about Europeanness, the rule of law.

“The venue for this week was the Egmont Palace in Brussels, which used to host Belgian state events and protocol events. It so happened that the Belgian state returned the golden teeth of Patrice Lumumba to the family in a small light blue box in a ceremonial setting.

My dear friends, Ionescu, Hrabal, Kusturica could not have guessed that. And let’s get a taste of it all. What happened was that in 1961, the first Prime Minister of the Congo, who had just become independent, was abducted, brutally murdered by the mercenaries of the UN troops present, then his body was cut up, dissolved in acid, and the remaining golden teeth were torn apart. and was repatriated to Belgium.

And 62 years ago, Lumumba’s golden tooth, or his teeth were apparently lying there as part of the Belgian state treasury, with an inventory number, was apparently labeled: Lumumba’s golden tooth. And now the Belgians, fainting for their own goodness, greatness, Europeanness, are returning the golden tooth to the family. There is simply no such thing!

And beyond the surreal, tasteless, infinitely vile and dishonest thing, the most shocking thing – and that’s what everyone thinks all the way through – is that this bright West teaches us every minute about Europeanness, the rule of law, every five minutes that we’re not pretty good Europeans. What. And this is said, among others, by the Belgians who, for long, bitter decades, reserved for themselves this little colony called the Belgian Congo, where, according to some estimates, 10 million people were killed and half of the living people were cut off to account for the hunt. with used projectiles.

Because there was little ammunition and the soldiers were ordered not to hunt. The gun can only be used against people, and to prove it, they have to cut off the hands of the dead. This in itself cannot be interpreted. Then they hunted on after that, but to have an inventory, they caught live blacks, cut off their hands so they could show them. This was Belgium.

Then, in 1961, a corpse and golden teeth are dissolved in acid – not even 20 years have passed since II. after World War I and Adolf Hitler – the golden teeth are taken home and stored at home for 62 years. As for the idea, one is that for the first time since the incident, Adolf Hitler laughs tastefully down in Hell’s seventh box, and Lucifer has probably giggled back to him. ”

Cover photo: Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (Photo: MTI / FR)