Zsuzsa Lehoczky: I gave up on having a grandchild


The nation’s actor was still happy to play with the idea that she might be a grandmother soon. The artist told Bors that she could never hold that title, she was forced to put up with the fact that her granddaughter would never be born again.

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Zsuzsa Lehoczky he bowed to the audience of the Operetta Theater for the last time in late September. The actress had already decided to retire months ago. Although he has spent most of his life in the theater and still professes that his passion for his profession will never cease, he has no doubt that this is the best decision he could have made.


Photo: MTI / Zsolt Szigetváry

“I get used to the silence” The actress told Bors, suggesting that her everyday life was spent in complete peace, not to say that life was going on around her.

“If that weren’t enough, I went into voluntary quarantine to protect my loved ones.” Zsuzsa added, who suddenly had a lot of free time and spends that time with her daughter whenever she could.

“He came to me every day before the quarantine, and now not a day goes by without calling me.” – said Zsuzsa, and the next moment her phone rang like a strange game of fate: her daughter, Krisztina kereste. Zsuzsa always wanted to be a good mother, but according to her own confession, she did not always succeed.

Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé

“I ruined everything that could have been ruined. I wasn’t by his side in the evenings and couldn’t put a goodnight kiss on his forehead because I was in the theater. I have to add that I always made the summer months free and it was a month we spent together from day one to day last. ” The nation’s actor recalled.

The family was often relegated to the background in her life, yet she often played with the idea of ​​how she would stand out as a grandmother. He told the paper that he had put up with never getting a chance to do so.

“My daughter and her husband think differently about starting a family. From the very beginning of their relationship, they agreed that they would never have a child. That hasn’t changed since then, and I had to accept their decision. ” Said the actress, who, although she knows her daughter is not carrying the bloodline, has seen her good side. For he loves the love he would give his grandson for his daughter, making up for missed moments.

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