Zulfan Lies about Surya Paloh’s message to Prabowo

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Spokesperson for the General Chair of Gerindra Prabowo SubiantoDahnil Anzar Simanjuntak emphasized that his party only highlighted the statement of NasDem cadre Zulfan Lindan who was considered to have lied about the message of the Ketum NasDem Surya Paloh to Prabowo.

“But what can’t and doesn’t interfere with political friendship is statement he is the one who lied about Mr. SP’s message [Surya Paloh] to Pak Prabowo,” Dahnil said to Mr CNNIndonesia.comTuesday (19/7).

“Because there was no message from Pak SP to Pak Prabowo as Zulfan said,” he added.



Dahnil then advised Zulfan as a senior politician to speak and give an honest message to the wider community. This is good as public education in order to maintain national unity.

“Let us educate our public with an honest message, not lying and efforts to maintain healthy and unifying competition,” said Dahnil.

On the other hand, Dahnil also commented on Zulfan’s statement that he did not want to hinder Prabowo’s steps to become a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. For Dahnil, this is Zulfan’s personal political right.

“The problem is Mr. Zulfan agrees or disagrees. Or inhibits it is his right, please. We respect different political attitudes,” said Dahnil.

For information, Zulfan and Dahnil exchanged statements to the public recently.

This started when Zulfan said Surya Paloh had asked Prabowo to give young figures a chance in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres).

Zulfan said Paloh reminded Prabowo that they were not young anymore to contest in the 2024 presidential election.

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Responding to Zulfan’s statement, Dahnil denied it. Dahnil admitted that he had asked Prabowo directly regarding Zulfan’s remarks. Prabowo, he said, denied Zulfan’s remarks when he met with Paloh.

For him, Zulfan has damaged the good relationship between Prabowo and Paloh for his statement. This is because Paloh never said that when he met Prabowo.

So in my opinion Mr. Zulfan Lindan is not good at destroying the friendship and Mr. Surya Paloh’s invitation to Mr. Prabowo with words that Mr. SP has never said to Mr. @prabowo. Mr. Zulfan’s words are clearly an attempt to destroy friendship, and I’m sure Mr. SP doesn’t want thatsaid Dahnil.

Responding to Dahnil’s statement, Zulfan denied wanting to damage the relationship between Prabowo and Paloh. According to him, his statement revealing the contents of Paloh’s message to Prabowo was not aimed at hindering Prabowo’s steps to become a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

“But not in order to prevent Prabowo from becoming a presidential candidate. Don’t look at this problem as ‘oh you don’t have to go forward or you don’t have to be a presidential candidate’, it’s not like that. Go ahead, there’s no problem,” Zulfan said when contacted, Tuesday (19/19). /7).


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