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Zume Pizza Raises $ 365 Million to Expand Operations

Starting operations in 2015, Pizza has come along way in just three years. The company recently closed its doors for $ 365 million to expand its operations.

Zume Pizza is a technology-enabled food company with a mission to make healthy food fast and accessible. Zume's patented cooking en-route technology makes it the first company to make a successful pizza while it's delivered to the customer. This allows the pizza to arrive as fresh as possible and keeps the ingredients free from sugar or harmful chemicals.

Too much pizza

Zume Truck (Image: Instagram)

The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has a team of people and robots – yes robots – that work collaboratively to create the safest possible environment for food production. Through its investment in automation, Zume Pizza sources 100% of its ingredients from local farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices and ethical farming methods. Unlike most food delivery companies, all Zume's workers have fully subsidized health insurance.

Another cool fact: Zume's pizzas on average contain 40% fewer calories, helped the fat, and helped the cholesterol of competing pizza companies.

The company was co-founded by Julia Collins, a Harvard and Stanford MBA, who did not just put them to work access to this same type of success. She has contributed much of her time to organizations as Black Girls Code and SheEO.

Too much pizza

Co-founder, Julia Collins, Zume Pizza (Image: Instagram)

Although Zume started with pizza, the company wants to attack other food categories, and believes this technology could work effectively with any type of food. The goal is to eventually license the technology to different restaurants so they are ready to implement the process on their own. If all goes to plan, it could be a massive scale for the company and why.


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