Zurich city police shut down two game clubs – TOP ONLINE

On Monday evening, the Zurich city police dissolved two illegal gaming clubs in District 4. 14 gambling stations were seized and two people were provisionally arrested.

On behalf of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (ESBK), detectives from the administrative police carried out a targeted campaign against illegal gambling. The premises of a property on Langstrasse and Brauerstrasse were searched together with uniformed and civilian workers.

They met nine people playing as well as three operators of the gambling halls. Two men, aged 36 and 37, were taken to a police station for further investigation. At the same time, two more house searches were carried out in the area of ​​the city of Zurich and one in a property in the canton of Aargau by the canton police of Aargau.

In total, the emergency services secured 14 gaming stations and 1,360 francs for the attention of the Federal Gaming Board.

A procedure is currently underway at the ESBK against the three providers of gambling.