Zurich Film Festival honors Mychael Danna for his life’s work

This year’s Zurich Film Festival’s Career Achievement Award goes to the Canadian film composer Mychael Danna.

The composer is characterized by “great versatility and high quality over decades”, explains Artistic Director Christian boys the vote.

“Without his compositions, milestones in film history such as ‘The Ice Storm’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ or ‘Life of Pi’ would not have become so emotional,” writes Junge about the award.

Mychael Danna was born in Canada in 1958. He studied musical composition at the University of Toronto. During his studies he came into contact with world music for the first time, which shaped his later work.

Since his film music debut in 1987, he has set over 100 films and series to music, including “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006), “The Time Traveller’s Wife” (2009) and “Moneyball” (2011). During his career, Danna worked with directors such as Terry Gilliam, Atom Egoyan and Denzel Washington together.

Danna received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and an Emmy for the soundtrack of the 2012 film “Life of Pi”.

The prize will be presented to Mychael Danna on September 30th at the 9th International Film Music Competition in the Tonhalle Zurich. Danna is the jury president of this film music competition.

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