Zurich Film Festival Takes Over Former Kosmos Cinema: Reopening as “Frame” in September 2023.

In September 2023, the Kulturhaus Kosmos, which has gone bankrupt, is to be reopened. The Zurich Film Festival will be responsible for programming.

The Kosmos culture house in Zurich. – keystone

On their behalf, the ZFF will run the cinema on Europaallee under the new name «Frame». For the time being there are no tenants for the other Kosmos parts.

Originally, the SBB intended to rent the entire building to a single party. However, the offers received showed that too few synergies could be used, said Leuthold.

It has been shown that the location is very popular, especially with the young audience, according to festival director Christian Jungs. In 2021, more tickets were sold here than in the large Corso cinema.

The Kulturhaus Kosmos was founded in 2017. There were always quarrels around the company. In May 2022, the entire Board of Directors at that time resigned.

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2023-05-31 17:13:48

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