Zurich hospitals are slowly reaching their limits – not just because of Corona – TOP ONLINE

The fourth wave is on its way. The number of Covid-19 patients in Zurich hospitals continues to rise. While 34 people were hospitalized a month ago, there were 183 on Monday. 49 of them require intensive care.

The smaller hospitals in the canton are already reaching their capacity limits, reports the “Tages-Anzeiger”. In Männedorf, for example, some non-urgent operations have already had to be postponed, CEO Stefan Metzker told the newspaper. However, it is not the number of beds that is critical, but the thin staffing levels. Metzker speaks of an acute shortage of skilled workers in nursing. The pandemic made the job less attractive.

A phenomenon that can also be observed in other smaller hospitals. The See-Spital Horgen also complains in the newspaper about a lack of nursing staff. In Zollikerberg there are significantly more people dropping out of their jobs than usual.

Yvonne Ribi, Managing Director of the Swiss Professional Association of Nursing Women and Specialists (SBK), is not particularly surprised by this exodus. Overload situations are a reality in many places, she explains to the newspaper. The increasing number of people dropping out of their careers is a logical consequence. The SBK therefore calls on the population to vaccinate. The vaccination offers the greatest protection against a severe course and relieves the health system.

Mainly unvaccinated people in the intensive care unit

This is also shown by the numbers from the hospitals. There would hardly be any double vaccinations in the Zurich hospitals. The Zurich University Hospital speaks of a “very small number”. According to the “Landbote”, over 90 percent of Covid patients in the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital are not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated. The Zurich city hospitals also speak of mostly unvaccinated or not completely vaccinated. Often they are also returning travelers.