Desperate star Sunny Burešová: Sexual harassment!

Burešová she admitted on the social network that she often receives messages from children between the ages of ten and thirteen. And according to the actress, this is not just ordinary news. “I can tell you that some of the news is really over the edge. If an adult wrote this to another adult, it […]

The Protector 4, review of the first Turkish Netflix series

its Netflix the last season of The Protector just four months after the third season, released by the streaming giant on March 6th. The original Turkish production is based on the 2016 book Pencil Drawing and the Strange Story of a Young Man of İpek Gökdel. However, the writer revealed that the story was born […]

Boef was one of the 20 most listened artists in the world on Friday

Boef released his album Allemaal a Droom last Friday and the record is booming with millions of streams. In the Netherlands, all sixteen tracks entered the top 21 of Spotify, but he is not only doing well at national level. Worldwide Boef reached 5,469,802 people, making him number 20 of the most listened artists in […]

Lea Michele deletes Twitter after online battle

The reason may be the many negative reactions that Lea received on Saturday because she had not yet publicly responded to the missing of her former colleague Naya Rivera. Fans of Glee thought that was reason enough to blacken her or to rekindle the earlier tensions between Lea and Naya. Lea also gets a lot […]

Kārlis Būmeister’s three-year-old boy accidentally participates in the recording of Mārtiņš Freimanis’ song

Kārlis Būmeisters has decided to sing Mārtiņš’s song “To the Himalayan Clouds”, it was recorded in Kārlis’ apartment in Brussels and Būmeister’s three-year-old son also took part. “I lack Frames’ naturalness in music, some skew notes and almost perceptible primordial energy in unexplored, disinfected studios. in the apartment, helping my little Boehmaster with a microphone, […]

Lucie Vondráčková: She fell in love when…

Lucie Vondráčková has been officially single since the break-up of her marriage and devotes most of her time to her two sons. Of course, such a setting does not want such a relationship. But the double mother has now admitted an interesting thing. Lucie Vondráčková’s love messages have recently confused her fans, who would surely […]

Direct Mercury on July 12, the effects on the Horoscope and the signs

By_SlobodeniukGetty Images From July 12th Mercury it will be directed again, that is, it will start working again by unlocking (or restarting) the ideas, words, thoughts and actions of the present. Remember that, going back on its way, Direct mercury it could restart all those things that were perhaps left unresolved, accelerating solutions, maturations and […]

Fans of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ are outraged

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comes to an end too early, fans say. Netflix announced earlier this week that it will end after four parts and two seasons Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That is a great pity and we did not immediately expect it. New episodes were invariably well received. The series tells the story of […]