Man dies after stabbing in apartment building in Eindhoven | NOW

A resident of an apartment building on Tellegenstraat in the Eindhoven district of Strijp died on Saturday evening during a stabbing. The resident was stabbed at around 9.30 pm and was seriously injured. The man was resuscitated on the spot and...

Ulrike Guérot: Future of the EU – European Republic – Politics

On March 11, 1882, the French religious scholar and writer Ernest Renan gave a speech at the Sorbonne in Paris entitled "What is a nation?".It is a key document in the history of political ideas. Renan states that neither geography nor language, neither lineage, religion or community of interests alone would provide a sufficient basis for a modern nation.And: "A customs union is not...

Moncorvo registers 14 positive cases in a Continuing Care Unit – News

“There are 14 people who tested positive for the new coronavirus, 13 of which are users and one employee”, confirmed to Lusa Fernando Gil, adding that “all possible mechanisms were put in place to contain the spread of covid-19 (the disease caused by new coronavirus) ”.The UCC is managed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Torre de Moncorvo (SCMTC) and has 24 users, of...

Coronavirus News: Braun: The climax of the crisis is just coming – politics

According to Chancellor Minister Helge Braun (CDU), the peak of the corona pandemic crisis in Germany has not yet been reached. In a previously published conversation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung he said the government's job was to "prepare us for our people for the hardest part of this crisis. The time with the highest infection numbers is still ahead of us."According to Braun,...
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Samsung no longer builds LCD panels

Group will rely on quantum dot technology for televisions in the future. Samsung will stop producing classic LCD panels in South Korea and China by...

Lacoste becomes a trend thanks to López Gatell

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I encircle ultra-orthodox Jews to curb the coronavirus in Israel

Mikel AyestaranFOLLOWJerusalem correspondent Updated:04/05/2020 02: 27h save Related newsMore than a thousand Israeli Police officers they...

FCK and KSC – Mind game: insolvency plan – sport

Soeren Oliver Voigt does not want to say anything publicly when asked about the recently bright future prospects of 1. FC Kaiserslautern. There is...

Tourism: off the beaten track, the Middle Way through Auvergne and Quercy

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