How long are Aldi, Edeka and Netto open?

Hannover. Since December 31st falls on a Tuesday this year, supermarkets and many shops are open. Although New Year’s Eve is a non-public holiday, there are some special rules regarding shop opening times. These vary from state to state: The shops in Bavaria and the Saarland on December 31. are open from 6 a.m. to […]

90 kg tortoise escapes and travels 50 kilometers in two days | Abroad

The animal, which goes by the name Sparkplug, belongs to Ty Harris. “He just took a walk. He needed a trip, ”Harris told CNN. On Facebook he called on people to look out for his pet. “I was not concerned that he would get hurt. But I was worried when it was cold. ” Sparkplug […]

Crime – Viersen – alleged murder of girls in daycare: educator accused – Panorama

Mönchengladbach (dpa / lnw) – Five months after the alleged murder of a three-year-old kindergarten child in Viersen, the public prosecutor has brought charges against an educator. The 25-year-old is accused of murder and nine-fold mistreatment of wards, the public prosecutor’s office in Mönchengladbach said on Wednesday. The “Rheinische Post” had previously reported. According to […]

Halsema: ‘We must remain vigilant’ | Abroad

“The attack today, but also the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty on October 16, have a deep impact on the lives of many people, also here in Amsterdam. Such attacks affect the sense of security in the city, because an attack by an extremist is also not inconceivable here. Events require everyone to […]

they examined all passengers at the airport after finding a newborn

This unpleasant event took place on October 2 at the airport in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The passengers on the departing planes were to be removed from the planes and forced to take off their underwear to undergo the tests without explaining what they were for. This applies to passengers of 10 planes, including […]

Bundesliga on Saturday: five games, five heads

Berlin (AP) – Almost all of the big players are playing today on the 6th day of the Bundesliga soccer match. It is worth taking a closer look at these five Bundesliga heads: 1. FC Köln – Bayern Munich (3.30 p.m. / Sky) OLIVER KAHN: The board member would certainly be happy about a victory […]

Eight out of ten Portuguese defend the imposition of curfew – Observer

Just days before the Government meets in an extraordinary council of ministers to decide measures to control the pandemic, an Aximage survey for JN and TSF concludes that eight out of ten (more precisely, 81%) of the Portuguese advocate a curfew, a measure that has been applied in several countries. The survey resulted from 694 […]

The Danish Prime Minister reaches out to the driver after a fatal accident

– My heart cries. I send my warmest thoughts to the family who in this tragic way lost the little girl of only five years yesterday, Frederiksen writes on Facebook on Thursday. – Only a coward runs away after robbing another human being of his life, and thus avoids being responsible for his actions, she […]