Completion works on the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy progress

The final stage of the Formosa Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy is progressing at a good pace, which is being built on the premises adjacent to the High Complexity Hospital (HAC). According to estimates by the provincial government, the work would be complete by the end of the year. “We are in a very […]

The health system, at risk of collapse, according to the Executive | Economy

The Government admits that the current situation in Spain due to the second wave of the pandemic in Spain is “serious and exceptional” and with high levels of contagion “it puts stress on our health system again.” This is recognized by the Executive in the preamble of the royal decree declaring the state of alarm […]

New COVID-19 Study Reveals Major Vitamin D Deficiency Problem

Sufficient blood levels of 25(OH)D, the measure of vitamin D status, are considered to be greater than or equal to 20-30 ng/mL. Why a range? The National Academy of Medicine chose a conservative cutpoint at 20 ng/mL, while the Endocrine Society says 30 ng/mL. To put this in context, research estimates that 23% of the […]

Venezuela presents to the WHO the results of its medicine against covid-19

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza delivered the study that has been carried out for six months at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (Ivic). By: EFE 05:33 PM / 26/10/2020 Venezuela presented this Monday, October 26, to the World Health Organization (WHO) the results of the medicine that it has developed […]

11,000 doses of influenza vaccine for HUG staff

In Geneva, like other Swiss cantons, many pharmacies are out of stock of influenza vaccines. At the Geneva University Hospitals, the vaccination campaign has started. It concerns nursing staff and certain patients at risk. 11,000 doses for nursing staff at HUG A simple and quick gesture. Since Monday, the nursing staff of HUG can be […]

EXCLUSIVE. Discover our list of hospitals and clinics 2020

1,400 hospitals and clinics were investigated for this 2020 ranking, through 80 and 47 medical, surgical and obstetrical disciplines, respectively. For the public sector come first, as last year, the university hospital centers (CHU) of Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse. In the private sector, the trio is also unchanged with the clinics of Reims-Bézannes, Santé-Atlantique in […]

United Kingdom: a promising vaccine against several types of cancer tested

A group of researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London have carried out the first trials of a promising new vaccine against cancer of the lung, intestine and pancreas. The results of their research were presented at the 32nd EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium which was held virtually in Barcelona on October 24-25, according to the Diario […]

All about toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by infection by a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii) which acts in a rather curious way on our metabolism. It is usually transmitted to humans by domestic animals, especially cats, or by ingesting undercooked meat. It is a mild illness for most people, but sometimes it can cause certain flu-like symptoms. Toxoplasmosis […]

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is back to spread, and children are very sick.

October 29 Infectious page is very easy. Post epidemic scenarios of hand, foot and mouth disease That began to return to the epidemic, stating that this began to return to the epidemic RSV disease of hand, foot and mouth is also spreading, in elementary kindergarten children centers. Hand, foot and mouth disease Caused by a […]

Proving the possibility of treating Parkinson’s disease with Nexmos Aptamer

Nexmos announced on the 30th that it has published a research paper confirming the effect of improving Parkinson’s disease in animal experiments using aptamers in the international journal Neuroscience Letters. Aptamers are single-stranded nucleic acid substances capable of selectively binding to specific molecules. It has the advantage that there are more kinds of substances that […]