The younger sister of Kim Jong-un Issued a Statement Threatens the Carousel

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — the Sister of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-unKim Yo Jong, issued a statement the threat against the neighboring country, South Korea. “I feel this is a very high [peluang] to ensure separation with the authorities of South Korea. We will do a next step,” said Kim Yo-jong broadcast news agency of […]

Canada:video shock stop the native chief – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROMA, 13 GIU – A video that shows the arrest violent of a chief of an indigenous community in Canada has shocked the Country, contributing to a revival of the accusations of racism against the police. The images, reports the Bbc online, show stopping Allan Adam, head of the community, native-american of the […]

An australian sentenced to death in China between the high voltage diplomacy

Identificado by the media, the australian, as the Cam Drums, a man was sentenced to death on Wednesday in Guangzhou (south of China), according to a notice on the website of the court in the city, and that it does not provide any other details apart from his name, inscribed on the features the chinese […]

As the explosive atmosphere surrounding the protests of the statues of London | Overseas

The tegendemonstranten to say, the statues, and with British culture, and wanting to protect them. It seems to be a mash-up of patriots, veterans, and right-wing activists and voetbalhooligangroeperingen. The British police fear the worst, and demonstrators in London, to tell of their actions in Saturday, by no later than 17:00 hrs to 18:00 hours, […]

Maneuvers for the protest in London. There are concerns from the radicals

Demonstration of the movement Black Lives Matter (At black lives matter) in london’s Hyde Park, while the organizers of the officially disturbed, but the police expected that, even so, arrive to the centre of the british capital to protest thousands of people. The reason for the cancellation were the concerns of the conflict participants with […]