View starry sky until Friday 2 December

West Countries 28.11.2022 – What will you see again in the starry sky in the coming week? Monday November 28 8pm: The Moon is 4.5° south of Saturn (+0.9m), in the constellation of Capricorn. Tuesday November 29 11:21 PM: Jupiter’s satellite Io is 8.4” south of Europe. Jupiter is above the southwestern horizon at an […]

Plattdütsche Narichten from November 18, 2022

Stand date: 18. November 2022. Tariff dispute in the metal and electrical industry is on the table +++ World climate conference in Egypt can probably take longer +++ Mobile phone with O2 works again! +++ Left party in Bremen doubtful about Senate plans +++ Football match with Werder Bremen was not arranged +++ The weather […]

US waitress complains about $2 tip for $120 dinner – People – Culture

In the United States it is normal that when people attend a restaurant they should leave a tip to the waiters who served them. However, this dynamic is unknown to some foreigners and sometimes causes embarrassing moments. On the TikTok social network A waitress went viral by making a video in which she expressed her […]

results, schedules and all the matches for this Wednesday, November 2

The results and the complete summary of today’s NBA games, in Clarín. What time are the matches? Where and how to see them? When do Bolmaro and Campazzo play? The NBA run its course and today Wednesday, November 2 will have a new day full of action and great plays that will mark the Eastern […]

This is the most expensive 2 dollar bill that is sold

The characteristics of this copy that has some unique features. In this fury of singular banknotes, certain copies of $2 printed in 1976 may have a unexpected value. The reason for their attraction is that they inaugurated forceful design changes with respect to its predecessors. One of these peculiarities is that they have the portrait […]

Many Cars 2,000 Cc and above are sold by owners, traders say the reason – Recently, used car dealers have been flooded with cars of 2,000 cc and above. This is because the owners are busy selling quickly. Especially for 2,000 cc cars and above, the price ranges from IDR 100-200 million. Such as Honda CR-V 2.4 Gen Three (2007-2012) or Nissan X-Trail T31 (2009-2013). This information was […]

NASA Telescope Captures 11.5 Billion Year Old Galactic Knot Sightings – NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is reported to have captured an image of a triad of galaxies thought to have formed around a quasar, a very powerful active galactic nucleus, 11.5 billion years ago, more than 2 billion years after the Big Bang. This news was broadcast through the Space Telescope Science Institute’s […]

Caravane moto Sportcaravan Cube 2

Caravan with kitchen and sleeping accommodation for 4 people 2 motorcycles can fit inside There are plenty of ways to transport your motorcycle to go far, with the traditional trailer. But if you also want to be able to find accommodation, you have to consider a minivan or a small caravan. That’s […]

A 2-year-old boy who was left forgotten in a car for hours died

The boy was found dead in a car parked in front of a daycare center. He was there for many hours and with a temperature of 32º. A 2-year-old boy was found dead. in a car parked in front of a day care in Alabama (United States) and apparently I had been in the car […]