We’ll never learn either: Here’s Jurassic World: Evolution 2

10/11/21 08:11 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments A famous quote from Fallout is “War. War never changes”. However, the Jurassic Park and World movies prove that more never changes. Because even after multiple outbreaks and dozens, if not hundreds, of deaths, we get to build new dinosaur parks […]

LATE BRIEFING – Companies and Markets -2- | 11/10/21

VW boss Herbert Diess is hoping for a quick implementation of the plans to build a new car factory at the Group’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. “That is exactly the revolution that Wolfsburg needs,” said Diess on Twitter. From 2026, Volkswagen plans to produce the Trinity electric model in a new plant. Diess expressed the hope […]

Leader Chelsea does not stop his march and thrashed Newcastle in the Premier

(add result) Leader Chelsea thrashed Newcastle 3-0 on the road today at the start of the tenth round of the English Premier League. The English midfielder Reece James -2- had a dreamed afternoon and the Italian Jorginho, on a penalty, finished the story for the last European champion. Chelsea (25 points) took three from Liverpool […]

TSMC also talked about its 3 and 2 nm nodes

The contract manufacturer is in no hurry to introduce GAAFET, which seems like a good strategy for now. Hirdetés TSMC had outlined its upcoming manufacturing technologies in the summer, but at that time the 3 and 2 nm nodes had not yet received as much attention, although they were included in the plans at the […]

Motorcyclist circulated with 2.45 grams of alcohol in blood

October 15, 2021 – 18:10 The young man was intercepted on September 11 and Jujuy. In addition, it did not have the documentation to circulate A young man riding a motorcycle was intercepted in Jujuy and September 11 after performing dangerous maneuvers. Traffic personnel confirmed that he was driving drunk: he had 2.45 grams of […]

1 Week ago it was funny, besides Bitcoin, it turns out that these 2 cryptos are Joss

GenPI.co – CoinShare presented data, the entry of crypto investments during the last week ending October 8, 2021, amounted to USD 226.2 million. Positive investment inflows were recorded for the eighth week in a row, as revealed by the digital asset manager on Tuesday (12/10). With this, the total inflow of crypto products so far […]

DDR4 and DDR5 memories also make sense in connection with the Alder Lake-S platform

It doesn’t matter what we choose for Intel’s fresh desktop development, as both memory standards have their own benefits. We reported a week ago that Alder Lake seems to be a big step forward in productivity, but it doesn’t seem like a breakthrough in games. However, there is another interesting issue in the latter areas, […]

These 2 Cryptos Are Predicted To Be Small Like Bitcoin in October 2021

GenPI.co – A number of cryptocurrencies are shining brightly into the tenth day of October 2021. Cryptos that have emerged this month include Bitcoin, which at 12:59 WIB has broken USD 55,708 or has increased 16.03 percent in the last seven days. Reporting from the co-investment page, there are at least two other cryptocurrencies that […]

Samsung is roughly pushing for contract manufacturing

In addition to modern manufacturing processes, the company also designed a 17nm node. As early as 2018, Samsung announced plans to design their 3nm node, in which the FinFET transistor structure will be replaced by GAAFET. The latter, Gate All Around FET, i.e. nanowire technology, is needed to preserve scalability, as FinFET operation is no […]