Didier Drogba moves away from the FIF presidency

Booth 360. The possible election of Didier Drogba to the presidency of the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) seems to be moving away. The former Chelsea and Elephants star cannot rally around his candidacy. Didier Drogba may have to lower his ambitions. The former glory of Ivorian and African football hopes to become president of the […]

contamination in at least two clubs

Booth 360. The first cases of contamination in Covid-19 in national football were recorded on Monday among the players and staff of the Itihad in Tangier, and also in Racing in Casablanca. The health protocol implemented by the federation was quickly activated. According to a source within the Itihad of Tangier, the tests of undergone […]

Lisbon threatened, but UEFA has no “plan B” for the LDC’s “Final 8”

Booth 360. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital that will host the Final 8 of the Champions League, is affected by the coronavirus. However, UEFA says it has “no plan B” and continues to monitor the situation of the pandemic closely. While the Covid-19 pandemic had relatively spared Portugal, the number of contaminations has exploded in recent […]

real controversy or bad faith?

Booth 360. In the final sprint to the La Liga title, Real Madrid go on to win, while Barça get stuck. However, the press and some FC Barcelona players accuse their rival of being favored by the referees. A false controversy that shakes Spain. While Real Madrid is chaining victories at the top of the […]

The dollar first hit $ 100: CCL and MEP flew $ 7 (gaps, at highs since 2015)

Similarly, the MEP dollar -which arises from the purchase and sale of bonds on the Buenos Aires stock exchange- climbed 7.2% to $ 101.09, because it left a spread of 54.6% with the price that was traded in the MULC (at $ 65.38). Christian Buteler, financial analyst, related the soaring of the stock dollars with […]

Europe issues a warning to Iran to comply with the nuclear pact | International

The head of the Iranian nuclear agency shows nuclear technology to President Hasan Rohani. In video, statements by Josep Borrell, high representative of Foreign Policy in the EU. AP | REUTERS The historic international agreement to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons is faltering. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the three European powers that […]