Krefeld Penguins celebrate victory in the top game against Kassel Huskies

The 5,021 spectators, including around 300 from Kassel, provided a worthy setting for the game between the two former DEL clubs. Both teams showed that they are rightly among the favorites for promotion. They played a hard-fought, intense game with lots of goal-scoring scenes. In the end, the penguins deserved to win because they had […]

Stabbing in Angers: a 21-year-old suspect went to the police

A 22-year-old man handed himself in to the Angevin police on Friday September 14. He is suspected of having stabbed a 33-year-old man the day before in the Roseraie district. The attack took place around 7:40 p.m. in the parking lot at Place Jean-Vilar, just opposite the Carrefour Express supermarket. Several witnesses witnessed the violent […]

VfL Willich overcomes the hurdle of TSV Bockum

Change of leadership in the district football league. VfR Fischeln made a mistake and the Grefrathers were there to move up to the top. In addition to Schiefbahn, Hülser SV and TSV Bockum are already in a relegation zone. OSV Meerbusch – SC Schiefbahn 4:1 (2:1). The guests took the lead thanks to a self-goal […]

Hüningen Music Festival: A Celebration of Music on June 21st

June 21 in Hüningen is all about music. Hamlets also took part in the Fête de la Musique. Dear friends in Weil am Rhein, Passers-by reacted somewhat astonished and delighted when they arrived in Hüningen on June 21st when they came from the Dreiländerbrücke with a full program of music. Music of all styles could […]

Iquique: history should not be forgotten!

Herbert Mujica Rojas On a day like today, the 21st, in Iquique, 1879, Miguel Grau, before breaking the fire, delivered the following harangue: “Huáscar crew, the time has come to punish the enemies of the country and I hope you will know how to do it, reaping new laurels and new glories worthy of shining […]

The Community of Madrid will celebrate The Night of Books next Friday, April 21

In this 2023 edition, The night of the books will address the many ways in which literature explores the period between dusk and dawn that we call night, as well as the characters that populate the nocturnal imagination: lovers and lovers, sleepers and insomniacs, tourists, dreamers, lonely walkers, criminals, crazy about going to a party… […]

When does autumn start, on March 20 or 21?

An astronomical and astrological phenomenon marks the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere, when it will occur. This 2023 autumn begins today, Monday, March 20, at 6:25 p.m. (Argentine time). The specific transition from one season to the next is given by the first equinox, an astronomical and astrological phenomenon, which occurs between the […]