Justice Commission summons all members of the JNJ for Thursday the 21st

“On Thursday the members of the JNJ will come and on Friday (September 22) we will be with the witnesses” in the case, said the parliamentarian, in an interview with RPP. The parliamentarian of Peru Libre, Janet Rivas, president of the Congressional Justice Commission, pointed out that this working group has summoned all the members […]

“I Hate the Communist Party” and ‘Sexy’ Communists in the 21st Century

Teacher, what is the ‘left’? These days, I remember an anecdote that I had forgotten for a while. This is a memory from the early 2000s when I first started teaching as a college teacher. In the study of 20th century cultural theory, the words ‘Marxism’ and ‘leftism’ are always treated as meaningful intellectual reasons. […]