Sea You Festival had to be cleared due to storms on Saturday – Freiburg

Several thunderstorm cells passed over Freiburg on the second day of the Sea You Festival. The risk of a storm was high. For the Elektrosause that meant: Demolition, the site will be cleared. At 8 p.m. sharp on Saturday, the first showers fell over the south of Freiburg – and there was still more to […]

Owner awaits eviction of non-paying tenants in social rental property

The owner of a house that she ceded to the Department for social rent and for which she continues to pay the mortgage awaits the eviction of her tenants, who have not paid for a year and a half. The apartment, located on Calle Hospitalers de Sant Joan (Balàfia), is owned by a couple who […]

Chinese player Wu Yibing advanced to the second round of the Miami Masters

Rewrite this content Original title: Chinese player Wu Yibing advanced to the second round of the Miami Masters In the first round of the Association of Men’s Professional Tennis Players (ATP) 1000 Miami Masters on the 22nd, Wu Yibing defeated British player Edmund 7:5, 7:5, won the first match of this event and advanced to […]

how much is it trading this wednesday february 22

Look at her minute by minute quote for the purchase and sale of the official euro and the blue euro. He euro quote this Wednesday February 22 at $202.00 for the purchase and $211.00 for the sale, so it remains stable compared to the last price. Regarding the currency in the parallel market, the euro […]

PS5 UPDATE: firmware 22.02-06.00.01 available

Updates with numberings to sleep outside of the PS5 are back. 22.02-06.00.00 had brought us some notable new features last month and, unsurprisingly, the version 22.02-06.00.01 deployed today will be more anecdotal. You will understand, even if it remains mandatory to download to take advantage of the online features, this patch does not bring anything […]