up 4% from tonight

It is part of the agreement between the oil companies and the Government. There will be increases of the same level until March. fuel prices will rise an average 4% from midnight Thursday. It is the increase stipulated by the companies with the Ministry of Economy for December. The new month begins at midnight, and […]

4 questions to ask yourself before making the decision

Plan the distribution of goods and real estate in waking life Lots of doubts. It is that in general, not much is known about the subject to be sure that things are being done correctly, not to mention the complications that can arise and the expenses that this type of procedure implies. There are several […]

sells 771 real estate assets in the last year

The Management Company for Assets Proceeding from Bank Restructuring (Sareb) accelerates the pace in Aragon. The popularly known as bad bankfounded at the end of 2012 by imposition of the European Union to absorb the real estate assets of the decimated Spanish banking entities and try to get rid of them through sale, 774 real […]

Unreasonable: “The waiting period for a pregnant woman in jurisprudence is 4 years, although it has been scientifically proven to be impossible”! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Saudi researcher Nasser Al-Hazimi commented, during an intervention on the “Symposium” program on Al-Arabiya channel, that the waiting period for a pregnant woman is 4 years, despite the scientifically proven impossibility of her pregnancy for more than 9 months. Al-Huzaimi said, I wish to amend the hadiths, for now there is a lot […]

EuroMillions. He appears in extremis to pocket his gain of 4.5 million euros

La Française des Jeux had been looking for him since July 12, 2022, in the Hautes-Alpes. The winner of the EuroMillions draw, who is due to pocket no less than 4.5 million euros, has finally come forward, reports BFM TV . He made himself known on Friday, September 9, less than 24 hours before the […]

Hell Pie boasts rave reviews

Bizarre 3D platformer Hell Pie has been available for a little over a week now and has won a lot of positive reviews in that time. Something they are proud of at Headup Games. That’s why they created this accolades trailer, which highlights some quotes from those reviews. Also, there’s something odd about the trailer, […]