AIR4 Renault 4 x TheArsenale

They recently made a moving studio out of the Renault 4: the semi-transparent car itself was the light air. The ominous black paintwork of the redesign just presented doesn’t suggest that breezy freedom, it has more to do with the air: this vehicle can fly, at least in principle. Built in collaboration with a specialist […]

GeForce NOW: only 4 games added this week, SHIELD TV still on sale

Like every Thursday, NVIDIA unveils the novelties of GeForce NOW, his service cloud gaming accessible on a bunch of devices, including very soon Smart TV from LG. This time, the catalog is not likely to explode, only four titles are added, but there are some interesting things. Without waiting, here are the four games that […]


BANDAI NAMCO, the publisher to whom we owe series such as Tales of, Little Nightmares, Scarlet Nexus and Ace Combat, has announced an enhanced version of PAC-MAN MUSEUM: PAC-MAN MUSEUM+. In this compilation, players can find fourteen games from the decades-long history of the yellow striker. These are offered in the form of arcade cabinets, […]

The 4 types of obesity according to the Mayo Clinic – Health

Despite what health gurus or influencers say, or what advertising promises, there is no magic pill or revolutionary diet or ideal treatment that works in a general or absolute way against obesity and overweight, they agree medical experts. But a recent investigation carried out at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, in the United States, and directed […]

We’ll never learn either: Here’s Jurassic World: Evolution 2

10/11/21 08:11 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments A famous quote from Fallout is “War. War never changes”. However, the Jurassic Park and World movies prove that more never changes. Because even after multiple outbreaks and dozens, if not hundreds, of deaths, we get to build new dinosaur parks […]

Apex Legends’ new Battle Pass is live

2/11/21 08:33 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments Loyal players know the ropes, but for those new to Apex, here’s the golden rule: a new season means a new Battle Pass. Season eleven has just started and is called Escape. Not surprisingly, the Battle Pass shares that name. And […]

Thomas Pesquet will leave the ISS: 4 questions to know how his return to the

End of mission for Thomas Pesquet. After a six-month stay in the International Space Station (ISS), the French astronaut will return to dry land in the coming days. We explain to you how his return will unfold among us and what his program will be once on Earth. Read also: VIDEO. Thomas Pesquet back to […]