A second Thor is coming to Marvel’s Avengers

29/6/22 07:22 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments Thanks to games like Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you’d almost forget that Marvel’s Avengers is still a thing. However, Square Enix is ​​happily making further progress. An eleventh hero is now added via a free update: […]

Sevilla presses Chelsea for Koundé and sets the cap on July 5

Sevilla cannot wait for Barcelona for Koundé, no matter how many promises of three-year offers they make – 23 million for the first year on loan and 40 million more in the following two years. But he can’t wait much longer for Chelsea either. Time is short, next week the preseason begins and without transfers […]

See how pros run household in MultiVersus

21/6/22 21:44 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments MultiVersus hasn’t been released yet, but Warner Bros. fully engaged in its eSports potential. For example, it will host a tournament in Las Vegas in August, for which a $100,000 prize pool has been made available. To draw extra attention to […]

Kuki Shinobu is the latest waifu from Genshin Impact

17/6/22 07:10 | Sil Hendriks | PC, Playstation 4 | 0 comments Genshin Impact may be officially an RPG, but the fact that many call it Waifu Impact shows what the game is actually known for. And with Kuki Shinobu another one joins. When exactly the green-haired lady will make her appearance is a mystery […]

In Demonschool, school is literally hell

As teenagers, most of us thought going to school was one of the most horrible things there was. But unless you had a very special childhood, that time wasn’t as tough as Faye’s. Because when she goes to a prestigious university, she constantly comes into contact with supernatural forces that target the human world. Fortunately, […]

July brings us Time on Frog Island

Time on Frog Island, a castaway game where you have to trade with the green inhabitants of a forgotten island to get home, will arrive on July 12. A physical release will appear three days later. “It’s been an exciting journey for Time on Frog Island and it won’t be long before fans can visit […]

3 misconceptions and 5 things you can do to achieve them

Wellness. A concept that sounds more and more strongly in clinics, articles and probably in the minds of people all over the planet. The pandemic that from one day to the next put in check not only our daily life but also our health, came to reliably confirm that well-being mental and physical they go […]

Capcom Confirms Street Fighter 6 Leak Is Legitimate

Shortly after Street Fighter 6 was featured in Sony’s latest State of Play, artwork featuring (allegedly) 22 playable characters appeared on various forums such as ResetEra. That in itself is nothing special, because leaks are the order of the day and by no means always legitimate. This time, however. Capcom confirmed via its official Street […]

The 5 books to connect body and mind that Palasiet recommends

Now that visits to the beach and pool are more frequent, you can take advantage of those quiet moments to learn to connect body and mind through reading. The readings that we will see next are recommended by Please readand referentboth nationally and internationally, in terms of wellness. Located in Benicasim, Palasiet is a Hotel […]