Thanks to citizens over 65 years old from Minister Koca!

Minister Koca used the following statements in his sharing on his social media account: * Our grown-up lady, gentleman, were on the streets, in the parks they had been longing for today. Today, the happiest moments of the last days were experienced outside. * I thank them for their patience. I congratulate the Ladies’ Mother’s […]

Last minute… 65 years of age and over signal

Professor of Science Board participating in the Para / Agenda program presented by Ebru Baki on Habertürk TV. Dr. Tevfik Özlü, “Do you expect a yawn for 65 years and older? Does the Scientific Board have such advice? ” gave the following answer to the question: NOW TIME TO MOBILIZE THEM * I said for […]

Spain’s 10-year financing cost triples in just two months | Markets

The debt market has become a thermometer to measure the impact of the health crisis on the economy. In addition to the activity of investors in the secondary market, in recent weeks there have been operations carried out in the primary market by both public and private issuers. Here the Spanish Treasury has been especially […]

Only 13 public buildings in Colau are under construction | Catalonia

When Ada Colau was re-elected Mayor of Barcelona last June, there were 65 public housing developments underway. The City Council intended to continue with the objectives of the first term and to promote the construction of an affordable public housing park, basically for rent. But only 13 of the plots are under construction and three […]