After the collapse of the crypto market, AMD and NVIDIA would reduce their orders

Both companies peppered TSMC with their demands, but now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea to use the requested amount of wafers. The normalization of the price of VGAs is clear evidence that the cryptocurrency market is ailing, to put it mildly, while both AMD and NVIDIA placed their orders with TSMC knowing […]

Earthquake in Peru Thursday May 26 – Latin America – International

A strong earthquake shook Peru on Thursday. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the movement had a magnitude of 7.2 and it occurred near the border with Bolivia, 2 kilometers west of Tirapata and at a depth of 212 kilometers. (We recommend: Pacific Ring of Fire: what it is and why it causes […]

This boss offers up to €7,500 to employees who are ready to leave his company

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 8:10 PM … 2 A Belgian company offers 7,500 euros to its employees who wish to leave. © Illustration: Ouest-France. The idea is original to say the least. A Flemish entrepreneur challenges his employees to leave his box against 7,500 euros. So certain that his collaborators are happy in his company […]

Arousa Fútbol 7 welcomes FC Dallas

The FC Dallas expedition has been the first to take flight towards the final phase of the Arousa Fútbol 7. Yesterday morning it landed at the Porto airport and today it will settle in Vilanova to establish its headquarters for the final phase which will start on Friday in Ribadumia. The AF7 organization has prepared […]

‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’: The 15 celebrities who prepare to cook on TVE

When MasterChef 10 has broadcast just three of its -a priori- thirteen galas in La 1, TVE y Shine Iberia recordings are ready to start MasterChef Celebrity 7the version with celebrities of the kitchen format that for years has been the great lifesaver in audiences of the public channel. RTVE renews ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ with clauses […]

They demand 7 years in prison for a lawyer for embezzlement

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested 7 years in prison for two men accused of keeping more than 700,000 euros from a company in La Ribera that was in bankruptcy proceedings. It happened in July 2015 when one of the defendants, a lawyer, was appointed bankruptcy administrator and entrusted the economic management to his partner, also […]

The weather in Mar del Plata: the forecast for today, March 7

March 07, 2022 – 08:03 The maximum temperature could rise to 24ºC, according to estimates from the National Meteorological Service. The official body specified that the weather will be hot and humid, with storms and showers during the morning and afternoon. At night the sky will clear. The wind, from the northeast and will rotate […]