Thugs Dare to Forcibly Occupy Retired Police General’s House, How Much Are Paid? – A total of 10 thugs were arrested on charges of occupying land and buildings belonging to retired police officers. This case relates to debts. The Head of Sub-Directorate for Penmas Bidhumas Polda Metro Jaya, Kompol M. Hari Agung Julianto explained, 10 thugs namely YS (53), IAE (44), CM (41), TP (46), TAM (24) […]

Allianz Insurance Hermann Hewing in Ochtrup ⇒ in The Local

i There were no exact results for your search. You will find the most suitable entry below. Allianz Insurance Hermann Hewing general agency 02553 9 85 45 Ochtrup Weilautstrasse 8 48607 Check your company immediately 2Booking through external partners […]

GeForce NOW: 8 games added to the catalog, the focus on Apple Macs

Like every Thursday, NVIDIA unveils the new games added to the catalog of GeForce NOWhis service of cloud gaming accessible on many devices, including MacsApple. Eh yes, streaming allows you to enjoy games exclusive to PCs under Windows even on Macas the manufacturer reminds us today. NVIDIA declares thus: This week […]

8 types of foods that can be eaten despite their expiration date

Al-Marsad newspaper: Reports revealed 8 types of foods that can be eaten despite their expiration date. 1- eggs Egg cartons are usually safe to eat for weeks after the print date. Of course, the further away from the date, the fresher the eggs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t eat them. 2- milk It’s […]

The German trains will run here

June 1, 2022 at 4:10 p.m Routes, costs, concerns : With the ICE through the Nile Valley This is what the trains for Egypt look like. Photo: Siemens/Henning Moser Cairo / Krefeld This deal caused an international sensation: Siemens is supplying trains to Egypt worth 8.1 billion euros, and they are being built in Krefeld, […]