“Scoring Points Through Religion”. “Raim Million” assistance to the mufti

The fact that the former Deputy Chairman of the Customs Service Rayymbek Matraimov, whose name was mentioned in journalistic investigations, participated in the opening of the new building of the mufti in Bishkek caused a discussion in the public. Critics pointed out that Matramov created a corruption scheme in customs and his influence in politics. […]

What if you are worried about the security of your data?

During the pandemic, various mobile apps that offer therapeutic support have rapidly become popular. Their boom continues even now, but experts warn that such applications should be used with caution, as some of them ignore security and privacy requirements. In addition, it is emphasized that other popular apps on your smart devices can use personal […]

Details of “Rashed Al-Yami” committing a heinous crime against “Hussein Al-Makrami” in Najran .. and the disclosure of 3 conditions that must be implemented from the killer’s tribe • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The city of Najran witnessed a heinous crime after a citizen of the Jaafar family killed an elderly person with disabilities from the Makarimah tribe after luring him to a space and mutilating his corpse. A meeting between the two tribes Today, Friday, a meeting was held between the tribes of the perpetrator […]