Call of Duty Black Ops 2020: maps, game modes and news

Modern Warfare is still very much alive thanks Warzone especially. However, the normal thing is to look to the future and this time we are already thinking about the new Call of Duty that will arrive this year. It is almost 100% confirmed that it is a Blackops, but there are still some mysteries to […]

Trump’s vaunted Covid-19 test would produce many false negatives

The test, which produced positive results in 5 minutes and negative results in 13 minutes, was compared to those of another slower machine. Un rapid test of the new coronavirus designed by Abbott laboratories, praised by Donald Trump and used every day in the White House, produces between a third and a half of false […]

Ferran Adri: “Innovation is very idealized, for a restaurant it’s not Apple”

The head of the Bulli Foundation, Ferran Adrià, was one of the protagonists of the first day of Tech Spirit Barcelona, ​​with a conference on management and innovation, in which he warned of the danger of “frivolizing” with “difficulty of innovation”. “We have very idealized innovation, [molt Steve Jobs], but a restaurant is not Apple, […]

Chechu Álava paints a lot in the Thyssen

One of the “obligations” that an artist has to fulfill so that his work hangs from the walls of the great museums of the world such as the Prado, the Louvre or the Thyssen is to have died. Recognition does not come until after death after a life, in many cases, full of penalties and […]