A scientist at NASA settles the controversy over the fact that man has ascended to the surface of the moon … and reveals the secret of not sending a human flight 51 years ago – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Astronomer Nidal Qassoum responded to skeptics about the rise of man to the surface of the moon, justifying that the last human flight was in 1972 AD. NASA and the Americans Qassoum said, during an interview with the “Al-Liwan” program broadcast on the “Gulf Rotana” channel: NASA and the Americans have reached the […]

An “Egyptian” official reveals the reason for preventing the travel of 180 pilgrims at Cairo Airport to Saudi Arabia..and comments: “Umrah is not a ticket.”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A member of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah and a member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies in Egypt, Naser Turk, revealed that the Cairo International Airport authorities stopped 180 pilgrims at Cairo Airport during their travel to Umrah, saying: Umrah is not a ticket. He explained, during televised statements, that […]

Egypt places a condition before its citizens travel to Saudi Arabia • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An official source in the Egyptian Chamber of Tourism and Antiquities Companies said that it will not allow travel for holders of personal visas to Saudi Arabia except through reviewing tourism companies and reviewing the company’s supervisor during the current period. He added, “The friends’ visa is not among the legally permitted visas, […]

Russia needs 20 years to organize a manned space flight to Mars

CountryThe Head of the Department of Planetary and Nuclear Studies at the Institute of Space Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Igor Mitrofanov, announced at a scientific conference held on the occasion of the start of the study of Mars by the so-called Russian “Martian Trinity”, that Russia will need 20 years to send […]