USA: “Türkiye is a valuable ally for us”

US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller, at the daily press conference, “Aren’t you worried that sanctions against Turkish companies will affect Sweden’s NATO membership process?” He answered the question. Miller, “No, we don’t think it will have any effect.” he replied. “TURKEY IS A VALUABLE ALLY FOR US” “We have constructive and close relations with […]

Remarkable statement from the USA on the normalization of Saudi Arabia-Israel

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby answered journalists’ questions at an online press conference. Regarding the news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which outlines a possible agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia on normalization with Israel, Kirby said, “I think this news has left some people with the […]

Last minute Wagner statement from Biden! Message to Putin!

In his speech on infrastructure policies at the White House, Biden touched upon the developments regarding the Wagner group in Russia. Biden noted that the Wagner group in Russia instructed the national security team to follow the developments closely and inform him hourly when the events related to the rebellion began. Stating that he also […]

President of the United States Biden meets with President of Ukraine Zelensky

A written statement was made from the White House regarding the meeting. In the statement, it was noted that the two discussed the issue of support for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression. Biden reiterated the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine and underlined that the United States will continue to provide security, economic […]

Sultans of the Net started VNL great!

Our National Women’s Volleyball Team lost to the USA 3-2 in the fourth match of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League and received its first defeat. The Sultans of the Net, who fell back 2-0 in the match, made a magnificent comeback. Our team started the 3rd set well and started to open the difference. 10-6. […]

Türkiye and F-16 statement from the USA!

Kirby answered questions from journalists at the online press conference. Asked whether there was any movement in the US Congress regarding the possible development of the F-16 agreement after the elections in Turkey, Kirby said that he was not aware of any guarantees on this issue. Kibry directed the journalists about the issue to Congress […]