New jazz legend “Club Des Belugas” will perform in Jurmala

The music of “Club Des Belugas” is recognizable from the first notes. Most have heard it Samsung, LG, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Martini, Victoria Secret and in more than ten advertisements of other popular brands, while the group’s compositions are included in more than half a thousand different selections. Jazz, funk, soul, Brazilian rhythms, lounge and bossa […]

“Our squad also harbors dangers”.

July 2, 2022 at 5:10 am Interview with GHTC team boss Henrik Schmidt : “Our Bundesliga squad also harbors dangers” Henrik Schmidt, team boss of Gladbach HTC, on the club’s tennis court. The first home game is on July 8 against newly promoted TC Ludwigshafen. Photo: Daniel Brickwedde Tennis Bundesliga In the previous season, the […]

Danish police search Bahrain Victorius team before multi-day Tour de France

As “Bahrain Victorius” announced on Thursday, the police searched the hotel rooms of the team staff and cyclists, as well as checked the vehicles of the unit. Nothing suspicious and illegal was reportedly found in the two-hour raid. A similar raid took place in different places in France during last year’s Tour de France. “Bahrain […]

Why President Biden Is Even Less Popular Than Trump | NOW

US President Joe Biden is even less popular with voters than his embattled predecessor, Donald Trump, at the same point in his term in office. With the midterm elections later this year and the 2024 presidential election (with the potential for another fight against Trump) looming, that puts Biden and his Democratic Party in a […]

Banks name Latvia’s national team problem and highlight that team is not “soft”

Already on Thursday, the Latvian national team will play in the 2023 World Cup qualifying match at Arena Riga, where it will face the Serbian national team. Porziņģis, Bertāns and other sports stars watch the friendly game of Latvian basketball players with Lithuania +151 Watch more “We’re ready to compete and show off our game. […]

101-year-old ex-concentration camp guard gets five years in prison in Germany | NOW

A 101-year-old man who served as a guard at Sachsenhausen concentration camp during World War II has been jailed for five years for being complicit in the murder of more than 3,500 inmates. The elderly Josef Schütz is the oldest person ever prosecuted for crimes committed by the Nazi regime. According to the prosecutor, Schütz […]

Kravchenok / Valkenhorst do not make it to the King of the Court final

In a single-round play-off match, Kravchenok / Valkenhorst was able to score five points, preventing them from rising above fourth place in the doubles match. The Latvian and German duo finished the tournament in sixth place. On Friday, Kravchenok / Valkenhorst took second place in Group D in all three rounds and reached the quarterfinals, […]