A karate teacher was convicted of sexual abuse in Río Cuarto

Emilio Andruet, judge of the Second Criminal Chamber of Fourth quarter, decided to sentence the martial arts teacher, Federico Luis Becker (38), for seriously outrageous sexual abuse and corruption of minors, crimes aggravated by the quality of education manager and guardian of the victim. In addition, it declared him the material author and criminally responsible […]

Do you like white meat? A drunk woman blocked the emergency lines in Zlín

Last week, a woman from Otrokovice in the Zlín region blocked the emergency line by harassing operators and thus prevented the reporting of any truly urgent events. “In a single day, she called the police emergency number fifteen times and the emergency medical service six times with various nonsensical information. For example, she needed to […]

He was arrested for alleged sexual abuse in southern Huila

The judicial authorities in Pitalito (Huila) managed to capture and prosecute a man, allegedly responsible for sexually assaulting and mistreating a minor under 12, his girlfriend’s niece. The events occurred in September 2020, when the man tricked the girl into going to live in her house on the Contador sidewalk. According to investigations by the […]

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This have Snapchat-Porno-Videos are really sick! This is the kind of dark porn videos that you won’t find on any other tube site. The Snapchat porn is really extreme which means you will definitely love it. We really enjoyed selecting these brutal videos. It was almost impossible not to jerk off while watching these twisted […]

Switzerland: Those who refuse the code of conduct can be dismissed

What happens in the diocese of Chur to employees who reject the code of conduct? The bishop responsible, Joseph Bonnemain, does not rule out dismissals in relation to the “messenger of Urschweiz”. However, he cannot imagine “that someone is not prepared to act adequately and professionally”. The stumbling block in the diocese, which has been […]

No prosecution for abuse of 13-year-old girl by French cardinal

Marium Alberto/Wikimedia CommonsJean Pierre Ricard NOS News•Saturday, 8:30 PM The Public Prosecution Service in France has dropped the investigation into sexual abuse by the leading cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard (78). The former archbishop of Bordeaux publicly confessed in November that he “behaved disapprovingly” to a young girl 35 years ago. Justice says that no prosecution will […]

R. Kelly also convicted of child pornography, now a total of 31 years in prison

AFPR. Kelly at a hearing in 2019 NOS News•Thursday, 22:09 American singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to prison again for sexual abuse. This time he was convicted of making child pornography and having sex with minors. All told, he faces 31 years in prison. Robert Sylvester Kelly was sentenced today to 20 years in […]

R. Kelly faces another 25 years in prison

Jennifer Bonjean, R. Kelly’s attorney, sought a 10-year sentence for her client to be served at the same time as his New York sentence. She explained that the average life expectancy of prison inmates is 64 years and the 56-year-old singer is unlikely to survive his sentence. She also implied that the US Attorney’s office’s […]

Allegations of abuse against the ski school in Vorarlberg

In Austria there are serious allegations of possible child abuse at the care facility of a ski school in Lech am Arlberg. The father of a three-year-old boy says his son appeared very upset after a stay in January. After he addressed the public together with a lawyer and the association “Bündnis Kinderschutz Österreich”, the […]

Fewer drinking problems when cannabis is legalized

The research team compared 240 pairs of adult twins living in different US states. 40 percent of the twins lived in states where cannabis was legal. In a previous study, the group found that identical twins were about 20 percent more likely to use cannabis when living in states where cannabis was legal, compared to […]