Beaches reopen in Acapulco, Guerrero

GUERRERO Guerrero went down to orange at the traffic light and the Acapulco beaches and other tourist areas of the state were reopened. The closed beaches for tourists and service providers lasted three months. The reopening is an outlet for confinement and the economy. After so many days of confinement it is an enormous tranquility […]

The Acapulco chair, the popular Mexican furniture that came to design museums

The Acapulco chair is so ingrained among the Mexican population that it is almost part of the landscape. Your design has no owner and is not registered. This oval chair, with a blacksmith frame and woven with plastic threads that allow you to recline comfortably and freshly, is associated with the golden years of the […]

Telcel 2020 Open: Nadal, a happy Mariachi in Acapulco | sports

Nadal, with a Mariachi hat, celebrates his triumph in Acapulco. In video, fragment of the match. David Guzm├ín (EFE) / reuters I was posing Rafael Nadal happy, again with a mariachi hat and biting the Guaje de Plata, the pear-shaped trophy that accredits him as the winner of the last edition of the Acapulco tournament. […]

Concessionaires agree to withdraw calenders from Acapulco – Noticieros Televisa

The government of Warrior reported that the dealers of Acapulco calenders They agreed to modernize that transport, which is a tourist attraction. We recommend you: End to bridges and tolls hike attentive against tourism: Senator There are a total of 56 caliandreros who will replace the horse-drawn vehicle with motorized vehicles, in order to align […]