The most tragic thing about Iota in the islands was experienced at dawn: Ideam

Ideam’s head of forecasts, Daniel Useche, said on Monday that “The most tragic” of the Iota category 5 hurricane in its path through the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina “it was lived at dawn”. “The most tragic thing could be said that it was lived in the early hours of the morning […]

Coronavirus: Sanofi considers Europe well prepared for vaccination

– PARIS (Reuters) – Europe is well prepared for a campaign to vaccinate its population against the new coronavirus if a vaccine were to emerge, Sanofi chief executive Paul Hudson said on Monday. These comments contrast with those formulated in May when the boss of the French laboratory had aroused me until the Elyse by […]

Police officers involved in the death of Javier Ordóñez are disqualified for 20 years

The Attorney General’s Office dismissed and disqualified this Tuesday for 20 years to the Police patrolmen, Harby Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda, for the episode of police brutality that concluded with the murder of citizen Javier Ordóñez, in events perpetrated on September 9 in the capital of the country. The first instance ruling, which was […]

Hospital de Cereté will continue to be intervened by the Superintendency of Health

The improvements in infrastructure, the recovery of the portfolio and the opening of services are three of the objectives set by the health authorities in front of the Sandiego de Cereté Hospital, which will continue to be operated for another year. The Health Superintendent, Fabio Aristizábal Ángel stated that “the intervention ordered at the Sandiego […]

Well-being in body and soul

According to an investigation by the University of the Basque Country (Spain) on the effects of the pandemic, there is now greater uncertainty and concern about suffering from Covid-19 or losing loved ones; a decrease in confidence and optimism, especially in women and in people in poor employment situations; and an increase in irritability, again […]

For investors: how funds that bet on technology are handled

For its part, the BlackRock Technology Opportunities Fund is another of the most profitable funds, with an annual return of more than 30%. Although its portfolio is made up of 120 stocks, its biggest bets are: Apple (4.2%), Microsoft (3.5%), Amazon (2.8%), Tencent (2.1%), Alibaba (2 %), Alphabet (1.7%), Paypal (1.7%), Twilio (1.6%), Tesla (1.6%), […]

Version of a Saab escape plan emerges, before new extradition setback

Having passed the corresponding legal procedures for the extradition of the Barranquilla businessman Alex Saab, in the first instance, has not been enough for the measure to be fulfilled and everything indicates that The noted figurehead of Nicolás Maduro will spend more time than previously believed in a cell in Cape Verde. The situation occurs […]

On video | The ‘Paths’ to strengthen the health system in Barranquilla

Guaranteeing timely and quality medical care for Barranquilla residents has become the Primary objective of the District with the process of modernization of the public health network, which continues to advance and plans to benefit more than 170 thousand citizens with new hospital projects. Since 2008, the district administration has been working to build a […]

Wall Street lost up to 2.2% after Trump’s positive Covid-19

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump tweeted that he and his wife had contracted the disease, which put stress on global financial markets and led investors to take refuge in the dollar and the yen. The technology and communication sectors led the falls, with falls of 2.5% and 2%, respectively. “Tech stocks were incredibly up […]