Spanish flu: Hollywood owes world domination to a virus

WWe write the fall of 1918. Hollywood is in a state of emergency. Because of the Spanish flu, all cinemas are closed and all productions have been shut down. Nobody knows what to do next – nobody except Adolph Zukor. The Paramount boss has a plan for how he plans to transform the entire film […]

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Spain and in the world | Society

Note to readers: EL PAÍS offers in open the essential information of the coronavirus during the crisis. If you want to support our journalism, subscribe here Coronavirus Europe panel Data updated to May 11 (11.00 Spanish peninsular time) The expansion of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late […]

France exceeds 20,000 deaths from the coronavirus after adding 547 deaths in 24 hours

Civil Protection volunteers transport a coronavirus patient in Paris. / EFE Of the total deaths, 12,513 perished in hospitals and 7,752 in nursing homes and other social and health establishments The general director of Health of France, Jérôme Salomon, has confirmed this Monday 547 deaths in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus, bringing […]

France brushes the 20,000 dead by adding 395 deaths in one day

France has confirmed a total of 19,718 deaths from coronavirus after confirming 395 deathsduring the last 24 hours and a total of 30,610 hospitalized, with 890 new admissions since the last balance, as reported by the Director General of Health of the French Government, Jérome Salomon. The total number of confirmed cases is112,606 after registering […]

Carl Sagan: The Galactic Message | Science

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan believed in God in the scientific way, that is, as the set of physical laws that dominate the universe. Therefore, praying to the law of gravity, or to the orbital square of the planets, always seemed nonsense to him. As well as starting to pray to the celestial mechanics, as much as […]