Durov predicted a civilizational shift due to coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

According to the creator of VKontakte, the coronavirus pandemic is a threat to the human species and after its end the world will not be the same. He encouraged people to use self-isolation time to create a “better version of themselves.” The creator of the VKontakte social network and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov said that […]

Florida Theme Parks takes Steps to Deal with Coronavirus Concerns – NBC 6 South Florida

The major Florida theme parks are taking steps to address coronary virus concerns, using improved cleaning practices and other preventive measures. In Thursday’s statement, Orlando Universal officials said that they often contacted health officials and their own health experts and are closely monitoring the situation. “We are communicating with our staff and reinforcing our best […]

Exodus ”(PHOTO) – Vladivostok News on VL.ru

The developers of the Metro: Exodus game helped the fan make an offer to the girl with the help of the Easter egg. You can find it in the plot addition “Sam’s Story”, which was released on February 11 on computers and consoles, reports Meduza. Prior to the release of the add-on, the Yekaterinburg contacted […]