Meta Pay the new wallet for Metaverse

It is to be able to carry out transactions in the metaverse and it is expected that more and more users will adopt it as a means of payment so that the ecosystem expands Mark Zuckerberg presented Meta Pay as “a digital wallet for the metaverse” through his personal Facebook account, where he confirmed that […]

How long do you have to delete a message sent by platform

With more or less ease, almost all messaging platforms let you delete messages sent by mistake, or about which you regretted Not all platforms allow delete messages indefinitely. Here we tell you how much time you have to repent and eliminate the trace of your message in each of them. WhatsApp WhatsApp It leaves you […]

so you can check the balance of your SUBE card

It is a chatbot called SUBI that offers the chance to consult questions related to the system. How the new tool works The Unique Electronic Ticket Service (SUBE) adds a new channel of communication through WhatsAppthe most widely used messaging platform in the world, so that its users find an easier way to make inquiries […]

urgent interest rate hike

The Minister of Economy must face maturities for $500,000 million this month. End of negative rates? Concern in various sectors By Claudio Zlotnik 09/06/2022 – 12,19hs The president of the Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pescebelieves that the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanshould raise the interest rate in the next placement of CER bonds -an operation […]

Spotify will offer audiobooks to change this market

The world’s leading music streaming platform continues to present this new possibility to strengthen its position It is clear that the streaming music platform Spotify is constantly looking for new markets to enter so that its business does not depend on music (although it is clear that it will continue to be its main business). […]

How much money do you earn if you invest $75,000?

Savers who seek to put $75,000 in a traditional fixed term, during a period of 30 days, can achieve an income greater than the free dollar. How much is it By Mariano Jaimovich 08/06/2022 – 17,19hs Given the proximity of the collection of the half bonus, those savers who have a few pesos to spare […]

Price of the dollar, cheap?: Economists see exchange delay

The price of the dollar concentrates the attention of Argentines, and according to various economists consulted by iProfesional, the exchange delay is already 24% from the end of 2020 to date. A delay in the price that worries the experts and that gets worse and worse, because monthly inflation is very high (exceeds 5%), while […]

A $1,200 wine in supermarkets, chosen as the best Malbec

If you are looking for different wines to try but taking care of the budget and without taking big risks, there are good news: In Argentina it is possible to access rich Malbec for less than $500. You can also take advantage of Hot Sale to buy these wines with discounts of up to 50%. […]

LED versus LFC lamps, which one spends less?

Las regulations Governments have been pressuring consumers for years to replace familiar incandescent light lamps con compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) y light-emitting diode (LED) lamps more energy efficient. The advances in CFL and LED technologies they have expanded the consumer’s choices, but they make evaluating your options a bit more complex. Know how the different […]