AfD appeals against judgments in favor of the protection of the constitution

Jun 7, 2022 @ 11:39am Classification at the Cologne Administrative Court : AfD appeals against judgments in favor of the protection of the constitution The AfD is appealing against judgments of the Cologne Administrative Court. (icon picture) Photo: dpa/Markus Scholz Köln The AfD has appealed against three judgments of the Cologne administrative court, which were […]

Ralf Stadler remains unarmed

Regensburg. Defeat for the AfD member of parliament Ralf Stadler before the Regensburg administrative court: It dismissed the lawsuit brought by the Tittlinger, who wanted to regain his license to own a gun, which was revoked due to a penalty order from 2020. At that time, however, there should have been a kind of “deal”, […]

La Nación / They disbursed more than US$ 1,000 million in loans with Fogapy guarantees

Credits for US$ 1,059 million were disbursed with the credit products launched after the COVID-19 pandemic and credits granted through guarantees issued by the Paraguay Guarantee Fund (Fogapy), benefiting 67,739 people and companies. This is what the Financial Development Agency (AFD) points out in its latest Accountability report as of April 2022, where it mentions […]

Election results Cologne 1: NRW election 2022

Election results for Cologne 1 in the 2022 NRW election: Here you will find the results for candidates and parties in constituency 13 after the state election. On May 15, 2022 stand in NRW the state elections. On this election Sunday, voters in North Rhine-Westphalia decide who should represent them in the Düsseldorf state […]

Imminent fine: ticket for Enrico Komning (AfD) – who was driving?

The AfD deputy from Neubrandenburg is accused of driving too fast and of making phone calls. But it was probably very different. pasewalk After the CDU member of the Bundestag Philipp Amthor, an AfD member of the Bundestag from the Lake District will soon have to answer for a traffic offense in court: it is […]

Saarland election: AfD faction on the brink – “It’s not that easy”

March 29, 2022 at 6:52 p.m After the state elections in Saarland : Will the formation of an AfD parliamentary group succeed? “It’s not going to be easy” Photo: Becker Bredel Update Saarbrücken Three MPs entered the Saar state parliament via the AfD list. They are at odds with each other, communication is difficult. Does […]

AFD candidates for Krefeld are allowed to compete

Mar 26, 2022 at 8:18 am Two candidates initially blocked : New development: AFD candidates are allowed to compete Matthew Hilderich. Photo: AfD Krefeld The two AFD candidates for Krefed can now run in the state elections after all. The city’s election committee initially rejected the proposals because the state returning officer suspected irregularities. He […]

Election committee in Krefeld rejects AFD proposals

March 25, 2022 at 4:09 p.m Two candidates suspended for the time being : Election committee in Krefeld rejects AFD proposals Matthew Hilderich. Photo: AfD Krefeld The city’s election committee rejected the two nominations made by the AFD for the two constituencies in Krefeld. Reason: They were signed for the party by Matthias Helferich – […]

Resistance to police – AfD politician Hilse convicted

Berlin (dpa) – AfD member of parliament Karsten Hilse has been fined 3,000 euros for resisting police officers on the sidelines of a demonstration. A penalty order was issued against him by the Tiergarten District Court. The accused accepted this penalty order for 20 daily rates of 150 euros each, and the judgment became final […]