Pompeo insists that the US stance against Russia is strong – Abroad – News

US President Donald Trump again said on Wednesday that he had not been informed of such a Russian offer to the Taliban, as there have been doubts about the veracity of such information. “I think it’s a joke on the part of newspapers and Democrats,” Tramps told Fox Business Network. “I really think a lot […]

Afghanistan: Donald Trump, not read not taken

The statement speaks volumes about the nature of the Trump administration, faced with new criticism of the President’s supposed wait-and-see attitude, and his benevolence toward the Kremlin: “The President reads”, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House spokeswoman, said Tuesday. Trump is accused of not reading the notes sent to him by the intelligence services. “The President […]

What did he know about the alleged bounty on US soldiers?

Secret service reports of Russian bounty payments to US soldiers spark outrage in Washington. Donald Trump does not want to have known anything about all of this. How can that be? The American President is usually informed of new intelligence information every morning. The so-called “President’s Daily Brief” is a top secret, concise document on […]

Afghanistan: Putin benefits from the bounty affair

IIn the affair of possible Russian bounties to the Taliban for the killing of American and Allied soldiers in Afghanistan, the US Democrats have increased the pressure on US President Donald Trump and the secret services. The prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Trump’s entire presidency was a “gift to Putin.” House Speaker Nancy […]

Fake News – Bounty Affair: Trump Rejects New Reports

Washington (dpa) – US President Donald Trump has rejected explosive media reports about alleged Russian bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan. “The story of Russia’s bounty is just another story made up by fake news that is only told to harm me and the Republican Party,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning. Trump likes […]

NYT: US intelligence intercepts payments between Russia and Taliban – Abroad – News

This confirmed the conclusion of US intelligence based on the testimony of captured militants that Russia had secretly paid the Taliban for killing US and its coalition soldiers in Afghanistan. Although the United States has previously accused Russia of supporting the Taliban in general, according to other intelligence, analysts have ruled that the charges in […]

Russia in Afghanistan – “Forgot” Russian provocation?

The question is so incredible that it can only be made in connection with the Trump administration. It is said after a number of sources in various US media reports in recent days that Trump was briefed in writing that the Russian military intelligence organization GRU has paid the Taliban to kill US and British […]

NYT reported evidence of a “conspiracy” of Russia with the Taliban :: Politics :: RBC

According to the newspaper, US authorities intercepted data on money transfers from accounts controlled by Russian intelligence to bank accounts associated with the Taliban. Transfers confirmed by militants during interrogations, NYT writes Фото: Omar Sobhani / Reuters The US authorities intercepted data on money transfers from accounts controlled by Russian intelligence to bank accounts associated […]

Afghanistan, 007 US intercepted Russian funds – the last hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, JUNE 30 – The US 007 intercepted electronic data on financial transfers from a bank account controlled by Russian military espionage to an account linked to the Taliban. The New York Times writes, arguing that it is one of the evidence supporting their conclusion that Moscow secretly offered rewards for killing US […]