List of the 10 Poorest Countries in Asia

Rewrite this content – Asia is the largest continent on earth. Its land area covers about 30 percent of the total land area in the world. In Asia there are 49 countries. The continent also contains sovereign territories and special administrative areas. Many Asian countries have great influence on the world economy such as […]

[World Now] More than 160 people die in the worst cold that hit poverty

Rewrite this content Coldest winter in 15 years Afghanistan is having its coldest winter in 15 years. On the 26th local time, children were rummaging through a pile of garbage in a snowy field in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. They can’t afford coal or wood, so they collect and burn garbage. One child said […]

A mysterious disease similar to COVID in Afghanistan has killed 21 people | Dark evening news

Rewrite this content afghanistan meet A mysterious epidemic similar to COVID-19 northeast of the country which has caused at least 21 deaths #Big news story #Channel 36 #PPTVNews #PPTVStories #News today Follow more news at the website and Social Media channels Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36/ Line : […]

A 23-year-old Toyota engine drives the Taliban’s ‘supercar’

Rewrite this content Pictures and videos of a very interesting car have been making the rounds on the internet in recent days and weeks: the Mada 9 “supercar” made by Entop is being referred to as the pride of the Taliban leadership that has regained control over Afghanistan, hoping that the car will gain a […]

UN delegation visited Afghanistan; Taliban criticized for its policies against women

Rewrite this content United Nations strongly criticizes Taliban’s treatment of women. The UN position was clarified after the visit of UN members to Afghanistan. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan again in August 2021. After that, great restrictions were introduced for women. Recently, the Taliban banned women from secondary education, higher education, public sector jobs, […]

2023 International Education Day for Girls in Afghanistan – UNESCO

Rewrite this content 2023 International Education Day for Girls in Afghanistan: UNESCO UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Director General Audrey Azoulay has decided to dedicate the 2023 International Education Day to girls and women in Afghanistan. The news was reported by the Afghan media, Tolonews, quoting Azole. UNESCO’s decision also comes in […]

‘Women’s rights not a priority’: Taliban defend education ban

Rewrite this content Taliban sources justify ban on women in universities and other educational institutions in Afghanistan. The Taliban representative responded that women’s rights are not a priority issue. Taliban chief spokesperson Zabibullah Mujahid said that they operate according to Islamic and Sharia laws and have placed restrictions on women’s education accordingly. ” The country […]