Afghanistan: Taliban Order TV Hosts to Cover Their Faces | WORLD

The Taliban government reminded the media on Thursday that the order that asks women to cover their faces extends to the entire population, for which they stressed that television presenters must follow the regulations, as they are also a mirror in which you look Afghanistan. MIRA: Afghanistan: Taliban control and reprimand public officials who do […]

England great Graham Thorpe seriously ill in hospital, condition, updates

Former England batsman and assistant coach Graham Thorpe is “seriously ill” in hospital, the Professional Cricketers’ Association said on Tuesday. Thorpe, 52, had accepted the job of Afghanistan head coach following his departure from the England set-up after a 4-0 defeat in the Ashes, which took place in Australia in December and January. The PCA […]

Afghan mosque explosion kills 10

At least 10 people have been killed and dozens more were injured in an explosion at a mosque in Afghanistan’s Kabul. On April 29, 2022, a bomb exploded at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. After Muslims complete religious ceremonies held on Friday evening local time. Taliban members The blast left at least […]

The Russians are preparing for a long conflict, says General Mičánek. The cheetah is said to not serve the Ukrainians – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the general, tactics have changed on the Russian side. “She was abandonedtactics of small battle groups that were to move forward quickly andthe queue was more or less significantly narrowed. By the Russian armyshe left the north and concentrated east and south, thus shortening the lineabout 450 kilometers. From a military point of […]

In Afghanistan, businesses have collapsed since the Taliban came to power

Published on : 27/04/2022 – 08:45 Afghanistan had 5,000 businesses before the Taliban took power on August 15. Since then, nearly 2,000 of them have closed their doors, leaving thousands of people unemployed. Report in Kabul by Sonia Ghezali and Shahzaib Wahlah. Since the Taliban regained power in Kabul more than eight months ago, 2,000 […]

War in Ukraine: Symbolism, but also delivering – America is leading the way

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Belgium rejects asylum applications from 680 Afghans

In March, 680 Afghans who sought asylum in our country learned that they no longer receive protection here and had to leave the territory. This has been decided by the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS). When the Taliban recaptured and subjected Afghanistan to their rule in August 2021, many Afghans sought protection […]