275 Elephants Mysterious Dead in Botswana, Not Because of the Hunting Poach all

GABORONE, KOMPAS.com – A total of 275 elephants died mysteriously, which made Botswana conduct an investigation A total of 275 dead elephants were confirmed on Thursday (2/7/2020), while 2 weeks ago there were 154 elephants lost their lives. The death of hundreds of elephants was first occurred a few months ago in the Okavango Panhandle […]

The causes of suicide of the known 13-year-old girl

The causes which pushed the young girl of 13 years A.Ka to commit suicide last Friday in Fediobe in the department of Linguère, are finally known. It would be a forced marriage sealed by his grandmother Kh. Ka without her consent, a marriage which she had nevertheless repeatedly rejected, despite her grandmother’s insistence. Not having […]

How far is Senegal ready to go?

Going to Europe, special in the Schengen area risks being wishful thinking for nationals of sub-Saharan African countries. The European Union has authority as of 1isJuly, to which it opened the Schengen area, only four African countries which, according to its assessment, are coping with the coronavirus. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Rwanda are thus the […]