Antonio, 14, dead after being discharged from Hornu hospital: the trial begins

<!– Par Belgian | Published on 09/19/2022 at 16:16 In November 2015, Antoniowas rushed to the hospital Epicurus at Hornu. He passed a series of examinations there before being sent home. He is deceased home a little later. This Monday, the court heard medical experts. The sixth correctional chamber of the Hainaut court, Mons division, […]

Brussels asks to streamline plans after Covid due to critical economic situation

The recession is on the prowl and the European Commission wants to take action on the matter as soon as possible. Brussels on Monday urged countries to speed up the application of recovery plans at a time when the economy “approaching troubled waters” because of inflation, “exorbitant” energy prices and the consequences of Russia’s “brutal” […]

Washington bans exports to China

The chip war between the US and China is taking on more and more concrete forms. After the market closed, the top chip manufacturer Nvidia warned that it was affected by the disputes between the two countries. Ironically, the new A100 and H100 AI products from Nvidia (US67066G1040) fall under the new restrictions from Washington. […]

These 3 zodiac signs are the perfect boyfriend

Scorpio Scorpio isn’t nearly as bad a boy as he’s made out to be. In fact, he is particularly charismatic, amazingly attractive, feels very deeply, and of course is a somewhat complicated lover. If you can open his heart, you will also win his love. He will do everything for you, a very attentive, devoted […]

Elodea | esotic ‘alien’ seaweed

There is an invasive ‘alien’ plant on the waters of the Po and the fault lies entirely in the anomalous heat. To ascertain this, following the proliferation of aquatic vegetation in the stretch of the city river, several inspections by the ARPA together with the Municipality of Turin, Enea, the Metropolitan City and the volunteers […]

“However, we offer permanent contracts after 1 week!”

Published on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 06:45 Par Nicolas Erculiani Businesses in the region are facing a labor shortage. This is the case of the Ypsoroof roofing company in Frameries. The Ypsoroof roofing company, based in Frameries, has been in existence for 30 years. She had never experienced such a situation before. The company, […]

in Sri Lanka, after the political crisis, the spiral of distress

Her eyes widen, shocked at her own words. “No more work, no more money, no more gas or petrol, no more transport, and so little to eat! », lists Marajeen, wearing a pretty floral dress. This 50-year-old mother watches, in front of her door, a container of rice cooking over a wood fire. “We’ve been […]

“There was a lot of blood”

On his way home from the Ducasse de Bruges where he worked, Robert made a stop at Le Bizet between 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. on the night of Saturday to Sunday. Unfortunately, this judgment was almost fatal to him. In unclear circumstances, several young people attacked Robert and his colleague Fréderic. They stabbed him […]